We love Matt Buchanan and couldn't be happier that he's marching off to make something that's new and brilliant and unique in tech writing. You might've heard that today's his last day, so what better way to send him off to puppier pastures than a list of all the stuff he did wrong. Here's Matt being bad, before he was so very good:

Hands On D3 and D300 Impressions: Beefy and Beautiful

Matt's a hell of a camera writer, but in 2007 he was dropped in the middle of the biggest Nikon event in years with balls for camera knowledge. This is what he pooped out. More »

BlackBerry Onyx: Closest to BlackBerry Perfection Yet?

Matt's been a little down on BlackBerries lately, but there was a time when they excited him, and others. Love all over it. More »

Rumor: 17-Inch iMac Going Bye-Bye, 20- and 24-Inchers Getting Sexified

Our "Don't call gadgets sexy" position stems largely from Buchanan's longstanding policy that you can only call a gadget sexy if you actually want to fuck it. We're lubing up the iMacs. More »

Sprint's Samsung Instinct: At Last, a Decent iPhone Competitor

In 2008, we desperately needed an iPhone competitor. The Samsung Instinct wuddin't it, even though The Instinct rocks EV-DO Rev A and GPS. Rock. More »

Apple Crushes Recession by Selling More Macs and iPhones Than Ever Before

Says Mat Honan: "matt ended the recession in 2009." More »

Toy Fair 2007 Round Up: Stupid Moving Toys (Happy Meal Nostalgia FTW)

We really like Toy Fair, but this roundup wasn't very FTW. More »

Dolce Gusto Makes Me Swoon, So I'll Drink Its Crappy Coffee Anyway

Matt's on the record as a French Press hater, but senior reporter Mat Honan did some digging and found out he really loves them. More »

White Geek in Japan: Weird Washing Machines

"The dryer situation in Japan is weird." Buchanan thought you should know. More »

Gizmodo Writer Pwned By Anti-Apple Trolls: Apple Store Genius Bar Top Horror "Stories"

Man, why did Matt ever post this really mean—oh wait, that's not Matt. It's a very angry person yelling about him. More »