Weekend's here. That means debasement and irresponsibility and, best of all, losing stuff. I'm planning on losing my phone this weekend. Haven't decided where just yet, but that's the fun of it. I might replace it with an iPhone, so here are some apps from this week that I'll load it when I buy it.

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Cupple: Cupple is sort of like text messaging with your significant other, except as a social network. That's kind of weird, until you realize how much god awful annoying crap you and your schmoozy guy or gal load up each other's timelines with. No one wants to see that. So you can keep it locked up, and grouped together, in one place now. It would also probably be good for large sex groups. Free

Clik:Clik controls web browsers from your phone. Why the hell would you need to do that, you ask? Laziness. With niche apps like this, it's always laziness. What kind of masochist wants to screw with the keyboard or trackpad or oh god the mouse? No one. Those can all go to a shallow gadget hell grave. Free

DoDonPachi Blissful Death: Blissful Death is that rare iPhone experience where you can become totally immersed in the experience on an itty bitty 3.5-inch screen. It's challenging and has complex and a darn impressive sensory bombardment. $5

League of Evil 2: How do you make a platformer work on the iPhone's notoriously cramped screen? Fewer damn buttons. Which means sense when the game involves running around as a dude in a wife beater pummeling scientists. TAKE THAT, NERDS. SIMPLE CONTROLS FOR A SIMPLE FUTURE. $1