Sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes life imitates a series of stupid spy movie cliches: a briefcase detailing a joint French/UK military drone was stolen in Paris. A briefcase! A briefcase full of secret documents. Christ, man.

The briefcase in question, belonging to an executive from major French military contractor Dassault (French for "The Assault"), was packed with documents marked ā€˜Defence - Confidential', The Telegraph reports. And how did such precious intel, detailing a major defense initiative between two world powers, get nicked?

Some dude walked away with it. Really, the BBC says: "the briefcase was stolen when a senior Dassault Aviation official buying a Eurostar rail ticket went to the help of a colleague who was being bothered by a young man. When the official returned to retrieve his case, it had disappeared." Correctā€”he walked away to deal with a "young man," leaving the briefcase behind. The briefcase filled with documents marked ā€˜Defence - Confidential'. Although cops are allegedly calling it a "random" crime, what are the odds this one briefcaseā€”located in Europe's busiest train stationā€”was targeted by accident?

Not high. The briefcase possibly included plans for a collaborative Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) drone, similar to America's infamous missile-spittin' MQ-1 Predator. We don't know. But whoever has that briefcase sure knows. [BBC and Telegraph]

Photo: Stanislav Komogorov/Shutterstock