Here's an idea for your weekend plans. First get your 50 GB of Box storage for fuh-fah-foo-free. And then eat so much pizza a fat boy would tell you to cool it and then finally get in shape. Oh whoa. These apps will let you do just that!

Box Box just updated its Android App, and if you get it in the next 30 days, you'll get 50GB of cloud storage for free. Forever. That's totally great and you should get it right now. Free

Fitness Buddy: 1700 different workout exercises. 1000 workout videos. 4000 exercise photos. And sweat searing instructions for all of them. Fitness Buddy is an absolutely amazing tool to track your workouts, learn new workouts, build a workout routine and see your body's progress. For the smartphone inclined but weightlifting deficient, the preset workouts of Fitness Buddy can be adjusted to what equipment you have at your disposal. SO! There's really no excuse to not be able to work out. $1

Domino's Pizza Previously unavailable in the US, the vastly improved Domino's has released an Android app to let you order pizzas straight from your phone. This app might sound useless but I've definitely done it before and it's AWESOME. You can order everything from the menu, use coupons and probably the very best part, track your order from oven to delivery. Free

Dialer One: Lifehacker calls Dialer One "the best speed dialer for Android". Why? Well you can speed dial by holding down a number on the keypad, instant searches a contact from typing in a number or name and looks great too.Free

Nova Launcher: A launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 phones (Galaxy Nexus) which basically means it's a home screen replacement. You can add a custom grid, scrollable dock, scroll effects, infinite scroll, folder icons, backup and if you pay for the paid app (4 bucks), use gestures, hide apps and set swipe actions for the dock. Worth a look if you have a Galaxy Nexus. Free