Apple fan boys everywhere are super-excited about tomorrow's iPad unveiling. But rumors suggest that the company is having a hell of a time shipping devices to the US ready for its launch.

Mac Rumors reports that Apple has been scrambling to find space to ship product, with "shipping rates rising 20 per cent in one week as [they] snapped up available capacity at premium rates." Elsewhere, Apple's last-minute buying-up of freight space has meant that many companies have been unable to ship their products in the usual manner.


Apple Insider also reports that Apple has commandeered a "massive air freight deal" with DHL, driving prices up. All of which points to the fact that Apple is scrabbling around using any means necessary to get the iPad available soon after Wednesday's launch. Whether they can ship enough over to meet demand, we'll have to wait and see.

To find out all things iPad HD as they're unveiled in real time, ride along with us on our iPad HD Liveblog this Wednesday, starting at around noon EST. [Mac Rumors and Apple Insider]