LulzSec Leader Betrays All of Anonymous

According to the FBI, you're looking at Sabu, the head of LulzSec, and the de facto King of Anonymous-easily the most notorious and influential hacker alive today. More »

How the Feds Turned LulzSec's Leader Against His Own

Sabu, the most notorious hacker alive and de facto leader of LulzSec, has been captured by the FBI, and apparently turned against his hacker comrades. More »

Read the Full LulzSec Indictments Right Here

In what's looking more and more like LulzSec's Waterloo, six top-ranking members of the notorious hacking collective were arrested today. Here, in their entirety, are their full indictments. More »

Who Is Sabu?

Yesterday, Sabu was a ghost-the spirit of Anonymous, having guided the group through its most powerful and infamous hacks. Now he's Hector Monsegnur, a 28-year-old unemployed guy from the New York projects-and a snitch. More »

Anonymous Reacts to Sabu's Betrayal of LulzSec

We know the FBI pressured LulzSec leader Sabu into giving up vital info one some of the most active hackers in his collective. But how does Anonymous feel after this most recent, and hugely significant, turn of events?
They're not happy. More »