Classy? Tacky? There are plenty of ways to describe this leather clad cooler that Orvis is selling, but affordable isn't one of them. With a $1,000 price tag it had better guarantee to raise your social status a few notches.

One thing's for certain, it'll blend in perfectly with Apple's "Wild Wild West" iOS 5 theme.

With 2,800 cubic inches of capacity it's similar to the Coleman you've been hauling to the lake for years now. Except that it's covered in fitted hand-sewn leather, complete with matching leather-covered handles and a leather strap secured with a brass buckle.

It's swanky, I'll give it that. And when strapped to the back of your open-topped classic touring car it will make the neighbors think you're off to a weekend at your country estate. Instead of heading to a parking lot outside your local stadium to drink the afternoon away in a lawn chair. [Orvis via Gear Culture]