The iPad 2's camera was "really terrible," and you look like an imbecile when using it. The latter factor is still firmly in place, but at least this time around Apple's tablet takes pretty decent photos. Still, don't do that.

The Vietnamese gents at, who received their new iPad early, put up a big batch of test shots—and they're damn nice! A little washed out in places, but even indoors the iPad's beefed-up sensor looks to perform well, and doesn't generally resemble a late-90s webcam. Shots are sharp, and colors are okay most of the time. It's not a great camera, but it's definitely decent. Particularly for a tablet camera you look so stupid using that we'd recommend against, if not outright forbid, you from using it. Seriously. People will laugh at you. But daps to Apple for improving technology that ought not be touched.

Click to expand, they all look the same when they're tiny


iPad 2—horrendous.

New iPad—washed out, but a huge improvement outdoors.


iPad 2—shockingly bad.

New iPad—this looks pretty good!


What you will look like taking a photo with your iPad, no matter what kind of iPad it is.

[ via MacRumors]

iPad 2 photos by Pentops, Michael Mahlberg, and dancetechtv