Unedited: The New iPad Seems Like a Pass

We're all playing with iPads today: new iPads and old iPads, iPad 1s, iPad 2s, and iPad News. As we write, we're reflecting out loud. A lot. Here's a look at our thoughts, unedited, straight from our Campfire group chat. More »

Here Is Your New iPad Porn

We know you want it, we know you need it. We are bringing you the luscious gravy if New iPad beauty shots. Wipe off those spectacles and come a little closer. More »

iPad Test Notes: Retina Apps Do Make a Difference

The thing about the iPad's new retina screen and processor is that yes, they're nice, but it's up to developers to take full advantage of it. Here's how some of the better retina iPad apps compare to their iPad 2 equivalents.
Games More »

iPad Test Notes: Speed (Versus Tegra 3)

Apple made some bold claims about its new A5X chip, claiming it would give a 4x graphical boost over Nvidia's Tegra 3. At the same time, the Tegra 3 is a powerhouse of computational processing. More »

iPad Test Notes: Camera Performance

When Apple unveiled the latest iPad, it promised the five megapixel camera would be a substantive improvement over its predecessor. But that's not saying much, since a five-year-old BlackBerry is capable of better shots. More »

iPad Test Notes: Which LTE iPad Is Faster?

In addition to our crowd-sourced National Speed Test, we thought we'd do a little testing of our own. We love LTE, but which iPad (and network) gives the best LTE? More »

We Gave People an iPad 2, Told Them It Was the New iPad, and They Loved It

Apple's advertising onslaught is already battering down doors and TVs around the nation-you're gonna upgrade to a new iPad whether you like it or not. But based on our little test, most people can't tell the difference anyway.
We figured that if we-enormous nerds who fixate on pixel... More »

All the iPad Apps Updated for the New iPad's Retina Display

It's new iPad day! And since you're not just going to sit and stare at your new $500-plus toy, here are all the new apps updated to take advantage of the its g-g-gorgeous 2048 x 1536 resolution display. More »

The Great New iPad National Network Speed Test

High five: You got your shiny new iPad. Look at that display! Switch some browser tabs and feel the power of that extra RAM. Yeeeeah. Oh, did you get a 4G LTE model? More »

Everything Your New iPad Needs Right Now

FedEx came through, or you survived an ungodly Apple Store line, or you mugged someone who just did. However you got your hands on a new iPad, congrats! More »

Where to Buy a New iPad in Person Today

So you've read the reviews, pored over the specs, and decided you definitely, absolutely want the new iPad. Congrats! Except pre-orders are already backed up two-to-three weeks, and morons like this have been camping out for most of the week. More »