These beautiful 100 percent carbon fiber knives each weigh no more than just 32 grams, making them the ideal tool when you need to cut and run—which is most often the case.

But as beautiful as they look, and as lightweight as they feel, they're actually not the best tool if you need a razor-sharp slicing edge. Carbon fiber will stab, that's for sure—the tools are meant for self-defense. But the edge will be easily worn down depending on who or what you use it on, and how often. Honing the blade on a sharpening stone or a sheet of sandpaper can give it some bite again.

At $65 to $85 they're not terribly expensive either. Just make sure to only use them on thugs who are giving you a particularly hard time. Getting blood stains out of carbon fiber is a nightmare. [Carbon Fiber Gear via Notcot]