I know what you're thinking but no, not Florida. The older gentleman above landed himself in jail Friday after rushing the cockpit of an American Airlines flight Flight 2401 to LAX.

According to police reports, within 15 minutes of the flight's departure from Dallas/Fort Worth, the unidentified suspect had apparently left his seat, rushed past a flight attendant and attempted to force open the cockpit door. He did this while wearing "two pairs of glasses, one with a red beam coming out of the lens, and he had three or four ‚Äėman purses' on, and he had Superman socks on" passenger Lori Barber told NewsRadio 1080 KRLD. However, the suspect was promptly subdued and restrained once it became clear that the socks did not indeed grant him the strength of Kal-El.


Once the plane landed in LAX, he was taken into FBI custody for questioning. No weapons were found on the man. Barber did also note that the suspect had exhibited suspicious behavior prior to boarding the plane as well.

I just want to know how he got through TSA security with FRICKIN LASERS coming out of his glasses. Those are totally kosher with the TSA but we can't eat a goddamn cupcake, clip our fingernails, or play Words with Friends on a flight? [CBS News]


Here's the full image, socks included.