Still handcuffing a Samsonite to your wrist? This isn't the '80s and you're no Pablo Escobar, stop it. Prison bracelets are passe, so unless you want to get downright brutal with your assailant, the Super Safety Suitcase can provide the same security with just a little jolt.

The SSS, made by Kimpok is armed with multiple security systems designed to ensure that you don't walk off without the case and that nobody but you does. The anti-loss system activates and 85dB alarm when you, with the included remote control in your pocket, move further than 15 meters from it.

The anti-theft system—once armed—activates the audible alarm as well as a 30,000-volt pulse shock over the case's entire exterior if moved. The shock is produced from an on-board stack of six C-batteries. The alarm/electrocution can also manually activated from the remote—handy if the case is snatched from your grasp. The SSS retails for about $250 on the Kimpok website. [Kimpok via Mobile Mag]