The MiG-15 dominated the skies when made its debut in the Korean war. One of the USSR's first successful swept-wing aircraft it has since become the most-built jet of all time. Our friends at Oobject have assembled the most soaring monuments to the Soviet's favorite fighter.

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Mig 21 Monument Kazakhstan

MiG-15 in Druzhkivka, Ukraine

Mig 21 Monument

MiG-17 minument, Mariupo


MiG-17 Monument, Nizhny

MiG-21 monument in Gatchina

Tupolev Tu-104 monument in Rybinsk

Mig 19, Moldova

Mig 17 Monument, Poland

MiG-15 Vinnitsa Ukraine

Soviet Karmanovo fighter plane in the Gagarin District in the Smolensk Oblast

Soviet Il-28 bomber Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan

MiG-21 Vinnitsa Ukraine

Soviet Mig 17 Monument, Germany

Mig 21 Croatian monument

A relic of former communist Yugoslavia that was a symbol of Croatian independence when it landed refusing to attack.

Mig 23 Gandhinagar, India

Polish jet trainer aircraft PZL TS-11 monument, Zamosc, Poland

Mig monument, Akhtubinsk, Russia