Roll that spliff phatly, pack some fresh ice into the binger, and set the Volcano to "toastify." It's time for tonight's Stoner Channel. We've collected our best high-times material for the discerning pothead so sit back, relax, and pass that shit on the left, yo.

Tonight's nug of Mystery Indica is brought to us by reader Cameron P

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75 Cars Set Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Donuts

Someone call the cops! We're putting Dunkin' out of business![Autoblog]

Can Earth Look Any More Gorgeous Than This? (Answer: No)

Tom Lowe has been restlessly working on Timescapes for more than two years now. You probably already saw the first trailer of this breathtaking ultra-HD silent film. This is the newest material. A must watch.

How to Catch a Plane

Spend the next two minutes wondering if, maybe next time, the guy will miss.


There's Flame Retardant in Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew. The oh so sweet is it yellow? is it green? nectar of the geek gods and fuel for gamers has flame retardant in it. Yup. Mountain Dew, along with 10 percent of sodas in the US, contains brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a flame retardant chemical banned in Europe and Japan.

Ein Takes a Walk

YouTuber Syejukoon strapped a GoPro to his corgi (actually named Riley) and went hiking in Runyon Canyon Park. Turns out, stumpy legs ain't all they're cracked up to be. [Petapixel]


What Playing in a Dog Park Looks Like from a Dog's Point of View (Hint: Awesome)

I've always wondered what the world looks like from a dog's point of view. After watching this video, now I know. Kelsey Wynn outfitted his Great Dane, Bishop, with a GoPro and took him to the dog park to play. You get to see everything Bishop's see and it looks so freaking fun.

Boom! Plastic

This experiment in "Spontaneous explosive Polymerization of p Nitro Aniline using dehydration using concentrated sulphuric acid" is the coolest video of explosive plastic production you will see this week. Maybe this month.


5-Minute Koyaanisqatsi Is Like Cultural CliffsNotes

The movie Koyaanisqatsi was revolutionary when it came out in 1982 and 30 years later it's still an incredible work. But for those who can't sit through 90 minutes of beautiful slow-mo footage, here it is, sped up 1552-percent.

This Is What Firefighters See When Attacking a Blaze

KILL FIRE WITH IT! Wait, that's not right. [Like Cool]


I Don't Understand Why Auto Polo Never Caught On, It Looks So Safe

If there's any debate as to why the NAPL—or National Auto Polo League—doesn't exist, these photos from the Library of Congress will render it moot. I mean the Civil War probably resulted in fewer deaths and injury.


Are You a Green Gardener?

Care to show off your handiwork to the Internets? If so, we want pics of your best buds, your highest-tech setups, and your bushiest bushes. Send images—960x540 minimum but we prefer 1600x900—of your legal stashes (no High Times ripoffs please) to atarantola at and we'll feature the best at the top each night's Stoner Channel. Put "The Stoner Channel" in the subject line while you're at it.

And no, for the last time, we aren't interested in seeing your wicked meth lab setup Jerry. Stop it or we're calling the fuzz.


Image: Curtis Barnard / Shutterstock