Allergies are the worst thing. Here's how to do something about it without pills.

Allergies aren't just physically debilitating, they make you question your fitness for the world as a human being. WTF? Why do you suffer every single year? Allergy medications frequently cause drowsiness and some studies indicate that prolonged use can cause scary long-term side effects like memory loss. But there's some relatively simple steps you can take to make yourself feel a lot better without taking medicine.

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Neti Pot

Just because you don't want to take medicine doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to get allergens and mucus out of your airways—regular nasal irrigation with a saline solution or even just some water will clear you right out. $12

Allergy Pillows

Even if you're not allergic to down or whatever your pillows are actually made of, they still turn into traps for other allergens. These breathable, washable pillows will keep you from breathing in the bad stuff while you sleep. $10

Filterless Air Purifier

Even if you clean constantly and keep your windows closed, evil pollen will still make its way into your house. Any air purifier will make a big difference, but this filterless one comes with the added benefit that you won't inhale a big cloud of bad stuff when you clean it. $300

Five-Mode Shower

Usually, showering in the morning makes a lot of sense because it wakes you up and you're fresh for the day. But after walking in after your day is when you're covered in the powder of nature. A quick shower will get it out of your hair and off your skin. If you still want to take a shower in the morning, you can conserve water with a 5-mode shower head. Set it to mist in the evening and fire hose in the morning. $40

Keep Track of the Allergies on Your Phone

Sure you can feel it when those allergies are coming on, but do your really know how they vary from year to year? There are free apps for both iOS and Android that help you monitor your symptoms over time. Free

Cleaning Masks

Keeping your house clean and disinfected will help keep your symptoms at bay, but get this: Legitimate doctors will actually recommend that you convince/pay someone to clean for you so that you're not putting your face in the allergens that are bad for you. That's completely unrealistic, but you can minimize the impact of cleaning up by wearing a mask while you do it. $2.30/50 masks

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Hello Kitty Tissue Box Cozy

Be patient with yourself and cheer up. Allergies suck, but your months of suffering are going to e a lot easier if you can laugh about it a little bit. $20