It's a bonanza of games hitting Android this week. Spend some time with your Android phone with NBA Jam, Fifa '12 and Angry Birds Space. Or if gaming isn't your thing, watch sports with March Madness. Or if sports aren't you're thing, well Tweet with Boid about how much it isn't your thing.

NBA Jam: It's the same classic, on-fire NBA JAM from the arcades with updated rosters, better graphics and iconic caricatured flair. You know the game: 2 on 2 basketball, ridiculous dunks, getting on fire, BOOMSHAKALAKA. The spirit of the original is all here. If you don't know the game, I don't want to know you. Subscription

Fifa '12: Even though you wouldn't think a soccer game would translate to a phone/tablet experience, Fifa '12 manages to capture the same fluidity of its console counterparts while adding naturalish controls. You can dazzle as Messi, represent America with Donovan and much more. There's 22 officially licensed leagues and crafty controls to hone your foot game. $3

March Madness: The tourney is up and running but if you want to catch the games that actually matter now, get the NCAA March Madness app. If you just want to check scores and stats, the app is free. If you want to watch livestreams of the game (which actually look good!), you have to fork over $4 bucks. Worth it. Free

Angry Birds Space: Even if you're totally over the Angry Birds phenomenon, whatever, cause it ain't dying. The latest Angry Birds is the same idea as the classic ones but also the biggest departure from all that came before. You're in space! Free

Boid: It's only in Alpha but if you have an Ice Cream Sandwich totin' phone, Boid is a Twitter app that falls more in line with the design language than any other ICS Twitter app. If you appreciate consistency and/or really dig the style of ICS, try it out. Free