This week's best apps for iPad will totally make your weekend mo' better: you can learn how to properly make bacon while watching March Madness (or DirecTV) and listening to Opera. Well, you can't do all three at once but you get the point.

Better Bacon Book: It's a bacon recipe cookbook for the iPad that'll up your taste for the tastiest cured meat in the world (Spain not included). If you think bacon is just some crinkly blood red rubber from Denny's (delicious rubber it may be), you need the Better Bacon Book. It's got 20 HD videos and 150 high res pics to get your mouth salivating and 31 original recipes to make you earn it. If you like cured meat, you owe it to your tastebuds to learn how to make the tastiest bacon with this book. $5

Met Opera: The Metropolitan Opera made an app and why should you care? Well it has streaming content so you can watch a whole lotta opera. Dozens of productions from the Met's award-winning 'Live in HD' series, classic Met telecasts from 1977-2011 and if you want to get your super old school on, over 250 radio broadcast performances that date as far back as 1936. If you have any semblance of love for the theater or broadway or plays or musicals or anything of that sort, you should check it out. Subscription


March Madness: The tourney is up and running but if you want to catch the games that actually matter now, get the NCAA March Madness app. If you just want to check scores and stats, the app is free. If you want to watch livestreams of the game (which actually look good!), you have to fork over $4 bucks. Worth it. Free

DirecTV: Previously, DirecTV subscribers could use their iPad as some sorta pseudo TV because the app could stream Live TV while you were on your home Wi-Fi network. Now the app's been updated to be even better: you can watch some content anywhere, even if you're not at home. Free