Tonight the University of Kentucky goes up against the University of Kansas in the 2012 NCAA basketball championship. You've got snacks. You've got a comfy place to crash. You might think you've got everything you'll need to make the game as enjoyable as possible, but we've compiled a few important last-minute suggestions that you've probably overlooked.

Absolo Exercise Machine

Any time a group of people gather around a TV to enjoy sports, there will be snacks involved. And so you don't feel guilty downing a sack of chips and a gallon of dip, we suggest spending a bit of time exercising first, so you earn the right to indulge.


The Absolo might look like the basketball machines you'll find at your local arcade, but it's actually a legit workout machine that focuses on your stomach and abdominal areas by having you shoot hoops from a reclined position. Somehow it manages to make working out look like fun, which by itself could be worth the (hefty) price of admission. $2,000

Mission Power Grip Liquid Chalk

You can have the perfect party planned for tonight, but all it takes is one slip-up—one dropped beer or nacho platter—and your reputation as host with the most will be forever destroyed.


So make sure you don't drop even a single napkin with Mission's Liquid Chalk. When applied to your hands it keeps them sweat and moisture free so you always have a firm grasp on whatever you're carrying. And since it's actually designed to be used by basketball players, it's all the more appropriate for tonight's festivities. $10-$15

Magic 3-In-1 Basketball Peeler, Bottle Opener, and Storage Case

The only real magic here is the clever marketing that convinces someone to buy an inferior set of kitchen tools just because they look like a basketball. But we say why keep the basketball theme limited to the living room when this kit lets your NCAA fervor spill over into the kitchen too?

It peels, probably poorly, it opens bottles, possibly after some finagling, and it even stores food, most likely without an airtight seal. However, that's also why it costs less than a fancy brewskie. So you don't feel guilty if you really only end up using it one night out of the year. $5

Philips Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer Plus

When you're staring down an NCAA basketball championship and a lucrative career in the NBA, you can wear your facial hair any way you want. The rest of us have to stay neat and trim, including taming that area between a pair of unruly eyebrows.


Powered by a single AA battery, Philips' nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer will make short work of awkward extra hair inside your ears, nostrils, and between your eyes. Anthony Davis might somehow pull off the unibrow look, but unless your name is Bert, we're afraid you can't. $15

Leather Basketball Chair and Ottoman

Setting up a bunch of uncomfortable folding chairs so there's enough seating around the TV all but guarantees your next invites to come watch the big game will be completely ignored. Your friends deserve to sit in comfort and style, and park their keesters on these stylish leather basketball-themed loungers.


They even include a matching ottoman so there's a place for everyone to put their feet up, or more likely, store their paper plates full of wings and potato skins. $100

Hannspree 55-Inch Basketball TV

It might be over-the-top to spend almost ten grand on a monstrous basketball-themed TV that takes up even more space in your entertainment center thanks to its round faux b-ball design. But who cares? The NCAA championship only comes once a year, and you deserve to watch it in style.


And if you're having a hard time convincing your significant other that Hannspree's eyesore is a wise purchase justified by a few hours of TV every year, remind them there's an NCAA women's championship too. As well as the NBA finals. So you'd be stupid not too purchase it instead of a name-brand Sony or Sharp model. $9,000

Image by David J. Phillip & Gerald Herbert/Shutterstock