We've had really nice weather all week in the UK and come the weekend... its dull and miserable! I wanted to capture some blossom but the tree outside my house hadn't quite got there yet. I went round to my friends and took my camera in case I saw something I could use for the challenge while I was out. I got there and outside was some daffodils which had sprouted up. I think daffodils are one of the things which are synonymous with spring so I took a couple of pics! I used my Canon 500D with 18-55 lens, 1/60, f/8, ISO200 tweeked in Lightroom. - Robert Newitt

While the snow in Edmonton, Canada has melted, spring hasn't really arrived yet. Everything is still brown and muddy while we wait for the flowers to bloom. What better represents spring than new flowers? Puppies. This baby Mastiff is only 12 weeks old but he's already 40 lbs. My friends picked him up the day this photo was taken and this was his first real experience outdoors; all he wanted to do was run. My friends had hoped that I could take a few good photos of him but he wouldn't sit still, so I said why don't we just let him run. Canon 1D Mk IV Canon 70-200 2.8L IS USM II f/2.8 1/1600 sec 125 ISO - Ryan Kane

This is the classic Spring scene in Seattle at the University of Washington. While most people enjoy the cherry blossoms up close, I have always fancied the view from the third floor of the Art Building. I opened up the window, tied my tripod down to the windowpane, composed, screwed on my ND filter and shot. Nikon D300S Lens: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Focal Length: 11mm Exposure: 30 sec at f/11 ISO: 100 B+W #110 Neutral Density (10 stops) Manfrotto 709B Table-top - Sang Cho

I shot this picture at Maymont Park in Richmond, VA on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful clear day. I tell people that taking pictures is a lot like fishing, you need to have a lot of patience. That held true on this day. The park was packed and I was trying to take a picture of one of it's most visited attractions. I had to wait 20 minutes for this picture. While waiting for another picture, I ended up catching a guy proposing
to his girlfriend. I spoke with them afterward (she is from Zimbabwe of all places) and I ended up sending them the other attached picture. They loved it and are going to be using it for their "Save the Date" cards. What a cool way to start the weekend. Enjoy! Canon T2i with Canon 24-70L lense and a Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter F11 ISO 100 10 seconds Spot Meter Manual Mode - Sean DeWitt

While I was relaxing after a long day of running errands with my Father,I hear him yelling for me. He just finished up planting his Double-Knockout Rose. Once I stepped outside,the sun blinded me. I felt the heat against my brown skin,while hearing birds chirping. I stood there for a couple of minutes,enjoying the scenery. When it comes to my camera,I always carry it with me. Suddenly,I walked off my porch to feel the grass underneath my bare feet. "I'll be back,I need something to drink." - My dad said as he walked into the house. I took that time to get random shots of his newly planted rose and when that's when I noticed Spring was finally here. The smell of the flowers,the honey bees buzzing in my ears,and even my father working in the yard. That's how I knew Spring was finally here. Taken with my Nikon D40 with my 18-55MM lens,F/5.6,ISO Speed at 200 at 1/100 of a second. - Shateria Davis

When I read this challenge I immediately thought of the pink blossoms popping up all over town as they always signify spring to me. The house next door is vacant so I took this opportunity to take some shots in their yard. I had been wanting to get some shots of this pretty pink tree they have out front, but when I went back to the computer the images felt a little static. The shot of the berries is the only one I took, but in the end I found it the most intriguing. The berries look like they have so much potential and have been waiting on spring to arrive. The thin thread connecting in the lower right corner was just a happy accident and left me wondering what little critter created it. I took this shot with my Nikon D90 using the 18-105mm kit lens at 105mm for shallow depth of field. Settings: f/6.3 for 1/80sec at ISO 200. - Sonal Patel

I was at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden hoping to capture the beauty of some gorgeous tulips, but they were completely damaged from the rain. I found some poppies growing along the sides of the garden and conveniently a bee was gathering pollen in one of them. I am so scared of bees, but I decided to just go for it. I took several angles and decided that this was the best one. Shot using a Nikon D40 with an ISO of 800, f7.1, 1/2000 seconds, @200 mm. - Stacy Repin

Here's my entry for the Photo Challenge; taken with a Nikon D700, AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8G ED, ISO 200, stopped down to f/9 to maintain a certain depth of field. There's no big story to this shot: I was looking for a subject, and the one I decided for was all over the lawn of our house: daisies! So I picked one and placed it on a tree covered with moss. I made some Adjustments in Lightroom afterwards, and this is the result. - Stefan Janisch

This was shot in Scotland beside Stirling Castle. The hills in the background hold The Wallace Monument. There are daffodils blooming all around, this one in particular stood out for some reason. Scotland has enjoyed a week of unseasonable warmth - unfortunately, while I've been working. I wanted to enjoy my days off in the early Summer sensation before the rain comes back to ruin the fun. Canon T2i Lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1/2000 sec F3.5 ISO 100 - Steve Giblin

It was the first day that it hasn't been rainy since you've posted the contest here. Me and my wife were driving her route to her new job and checking out the local shops and places of interest. I just got done going around a tiny roundabout in a parking lot really fast for the third time when she told me to stop and she was going to be sick. I parked in a spot, let her gather herself, and noticed that there were a bunch of fully bloomed tulips in the middle of the roundabout so I grabbed my Nikon D7000 that was in the back seat and put on a 50mm 1.8 and hopped in the middle of it. A couple cars drove by and probably wondered what I was doing laying down in the middle of a parking lot circle, but oh well... Settings were 1.8 for 1/3200s at ISO 320. - Tony Adams

Thinking that the challenge is going to be flooded with macro shots of flowers, I thought I'd try and get some spring colors from another source - the first really colorful, beautiful sunset of the season. This was shot on my Canon Rebel TI and a Rokinon 35mm lens with one of my last frames on my last roll of Kodak Ektachrome E100VS and thought it was very apt - the first sunset of spring as Kodak is sunsetting Ektachrome. I set up my tripod on Alki beach in West Seattle, hit the 10 second timer and scrambled for the very relaxed pose you see there. - Tony Case

Spring in DC is my favorite time of year. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the tulips have come out to say hi. I shot this with my Canon T3i using a 50mm lens at ISO 100, 1/800sec and using f-1.8. - Tracy Miller

I happened to have the fortune of having great spring weather come early where I live. It had been a warm winter so I wasn't surprised. I had been very stressed in school since we are coming up to the end of the semester, so all my projects are coming up. For stress relief, I started taking shots of all of the cherry blossoms and flowers that were starting to bloom on campus. Spring flowers have come to be such a great comfort to me. Seeing the campus in green, pink, yellow, purple and blue is a stark contrast from the all white winter. It almost makes finals and projects ok, until I realize that I have spent all of my study time shooting... Shot with my Canon T2i 50mm f/1.8 lens at f/8 ISO 100 1/320 sec - Trey Mortensen

I was working on a project where I was shooting both the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets in the foreground and capturing the sign of the business behind them. The Train just happened to be there when I went, and the car with the hole in it perfectly situated for the sign to be seen through it, so I rolled with it! In this shot, the sign was too blurry to be used for the business, but this shot still looked great in my opinion. I took this with my Canon T1i with the Canon 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS lens attached. Focal Length: 55mm SS 1/250 f/8 ISO 100. - Ty Tamlyn

It just finished raining here in Milwaukee, WI. So I decided to hop outside with my Nikon D7K/D7000 and my Nikon 50mm 1.8D and do a little testing with my speedlight, I look down and I see these beautiful tulips that just had just sprung up, and had to be captured!! So I'm there with my camera and mud soaked shorts trying to get this shot and finally captured this! I call this picture "The Water Tulips" NIKON D7000 Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.8D Speedlight: Nikon SB-700 Focal Length: 50mm Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec Aperture: f/5.6 ISO/Film: 200 - Vallen Gillett

I had just borrowed my friends extension tubes to introduce myself to macro photography for a weekend. (I didn't even know about this contest at that point.) I was frustratingly trying to shoot flowers in the backyard and this guy lands right next to me! I slowly move into position and start popping shots hoping one of them would come out. One did! Canon T3i, 50mm lens, ISO 320, 1/250 second, extension tubes. No touching up. - Wade Bishop

I'm sitting at my desk on a sunny Friday afternoon browsing Gizmodo (hey who isn't?) and see the Shooting Challenge. "I should do some of these," I think to myself. Usually I am too lazy or forget about the challenges. Not today, because the subject is Spring and there is a tree with purple/pink stuff all over it outside my window. If a blossoming tree isn't Spring, well, what are any of us doing here? I wanted to use my 50mm 1.4 because it makes great images, but the field of view would be too wide. So it'll have to be the Tokina, a relic left over from my first camera, the EOS Elan. Which means it doesn't always work on newer camera bodies (lots of ER99). It's the zoomiest thing in my bag right now, though. So a little bit of error frustration later, I find a setting that both camera and lens are willing to use and get in on the blossoms. I like abstraction. The closer I can make a real life object look like a Pollock painting while still looking like a recognizable object, the better. Balance and movement, color and flow. Sweet, I got the shot. It's RAW so I fiddle with it a little in PS. Nothing dramatic, just a little basic house-keeping. I believe in the sanctity of the original image. And there it is. Canon 30D Tokina 70-210mm (used at 210) ISO 250 A/V: F/5.6 1/500s - Wesley Schulze