Those worried that Sprint's retreat from unlimited 4G mobile hotspots was a harbinger for tiered 4G phone pricing can rest easy. When the company releases the 4G LTE LG Viper later this month, it'll roll out an unlimited 4G LTE data plan to go with it. Let the feast commence!

Though our tests have found Sprint's 4G to be slower than say, Verizon's, unlimited data gives Sprint an edge. While most networks are limiting and throttling data, Sprint remains the only carrier with no-holds-barred plans. Unless, that is, you're a tethering or hotspot customer. But hey, we'll take what we can get.

Sprint hasn't said how much the unlimited 4G plan will cost (unlimited 3G data is $80, so expect it to be a bit more than that) or if it will be available for other phones, but we reached out to the company and will update with more information. [Sprint via TechHog via Geekosystem]

Image credit: Shutterstock/Ra Studio