So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn't worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case.

Rocking Chair With Two Seats for Arms Is Both More and Less Creepy Than a Plain Rocking Chair

On the one hand, there's an easy out to avoid weird lap-sitting with Uncle Tony. On the other hand, this thing looks like something the freaks from The Hills Have Eyes designed in their spare time. So it's a wash, I guess? [Chairblog]

City Hacks: Like Normal Hacks With Bonus Pretension

Okay, so turning things into things that they shouldn't be is fun and artsy and making a statement and whatever. More to the point: Can we stop calling everything a hack? It's not a hack. A hack is either a) a cab driver or b) something an Angelina Jolie movie character would have done in 1995. [Architizer]

A Quarter of All Households in the World Have Wi-Fi

One in four homes around the globe have Wi-Fi. Sixty-one percent of US households have Wi-Fi. There's an 80 percent chance that 90 percent of the people reading at least 40 percent of this post have Wi-Fi. And a 100 percent chance that every single one of those people don't get the download speeds they're paying for. [Computerworld, Image Credit: Rob Wilson/Shutterstock]

Even Makeup Comes in HD Now

Thank you, New York Times, for another delightful trend piece! This time it's HD makeup that's been developed so that HD actors and HD actresses don't have their HD blemishes show up on your HD televisions. Which is a shame, because I think I'd feel a little better about myself seeing the odd Clooney pimple. [NY Times, Image via Nowness]

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