It's almost Easter, and that means Easter egg hunts. Those are pretty fun—for the participants. But have you ever tried to set one up? Putting together a thoroughly enjoyable egg hunt is hard work. Here's everything you'll need to pull off an egg hunt to remember.

Plastic Bright Egg Assortment (144 pc)

Sure, this one is super simple. But do you know how hard it can be to find eggs in bulk last minute? Luckily, Amazon Prime has you covered, as always. Cheap overnight shipping and you're good to go. Price: 144 for $15

Duck Commander Face Camo Paint

What's going to stop all the sugared-up little monsters from finding all the rest of the eggs you spent hours hiding? Camouflage. Yes, you're going to spend some extra time painting all the eggs. But that's just more time you get to relax in the house while the gaggle tries to track down well-concealed eggs that an Army Ranger would have trouble finding. Price: $5

Velcro Sticky-Back Hook & Loop Fastener Roll In Dispenser Box

There's an expectation to these hunts. A few eggs will be tied to string. A few will be up in a tree. A few under the couch. But what if you turned it around on them and hid them at all manner of angles? A group of frustrated and thoroughly outsmarted children, that's what. Either combine this with the camouflage for the most frustrating and traumatic even in your kids' lives, or use it to put a single obvious egg completely out of reach, which will definitely end with a serious injury that someone else has to deal with. Price: $17

Centon DSP2GB10PK 10 x 2GB Multi-pack Pro USB Flash Drive

The thing about egg hunts is that the prizes suck. The eggs all have candy in them, except the kids have been eating candy all day. So that's hell for parents, and anticlimactic for kids, because they already have a ton of what they are getting. That or there is money in the eggs, which is just tacky. So be cool and download some music or movies or games and stash them on flash drives for the little digitally-literate hellions. Price: $66 for 10

Sphero Robotic Ball

You know how there's always that onnnnne last egg that the kids can't seem to find? And how it frustrates everyone in attendance, because you want to let the kids do it for themselves, but you also just want to go the heck inside, and everyone is frustrated and no longer having fun? Well, what if that last egg wasn't so much hard to find as it is sentient and running away from its would-be captors? Worth every penny to mess with the kids' heads. Price: $130