Secret texts, DIY synths, and music tagging win for the best iPhone apps this week. And though you might not be studying for tests anymore, a new app will give you the abridged versions of classic novels.

SparkNotes: If you're trying to write a research paper but you plum forgot to read the book, you'll probably want to download this app. This Cliff Notes of the Internet age brings 50 study guides to the iPhone, as well as the options to access more. It's worth a look if you'd like to brush up on your Shakespeare. Free

BiteHunter: If you're a foodie on a limited budget, you'll want to add BiteHunter to your phone. This bargain-finding app was updated this week. Version 2.0 will save you time with the inclusion of BiteBuyTM, which gives you the option of one-click purchasing on dining deals from all over the map.Free

Black SMS: This clandestine app keeps your juiciest texts hidden from prying eyes. Simply open the app, assign a password to your text conversation, and your messages will be kept between you and the person you're chatting with. $0.99

Shazam Encore: Does that tune sound familiar but you just can't place it? Shazam Encore will tell you just who sings it. The song-, television show, and brand-tagging app will identify items when your memory fails. The update to the premium version of the app speeds up recognition and instantly starts listening when you load it up. It's a good option, especially if you're forgetful. $5.99

Figure: Face it: you're not a DJ. But you can still make your own beats with Figure, and app that lets you create your own tunes. It offers drums, bass synth that can be played through taps and swipes. And you don't even have to be remotely musical to try it out! $0.99