The US Navy has published photos of the aftermath of the F/A-18D crash. They clearly show the damage on the apartments that got hit, along with the foam-covered grounds. It's amazing how lucky the residents and the pilots were.

The Navy is meeting with the residents at the Virginia Beach apartment complex affected by the crash. It would start paying them money as early as today, starting with $2,300 for individual residents and more for families. These are only the initial payments, to take care of immediate expenses.


The residents would not be able to get into their homes until the area is completely clear of debris, but the Navy has told them to talk with on-site officials to collect their valuables.

In these photos you can see the actual extent of the damage. The F/A-18D Hornet—assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 106—crashed at around 12:05pm on April 6, 2012. The air crew safely ejected and no victims were registered.