So this weekend I volunteered at halfway house in Tjuana for disabled homeless men with our local church. I met various characters, but for some reason, after 4 hours, this guy had not moved an inch from the time I first saw him. After a quick chat with him I asked him why he had not moved, and he simply replied "nobody has bothered talking to me!"

- Chris Felix

I was walking past Central Station in Sydney when i came across this gentleman sitting in a corner on an empty crate of milk bottles, smoking a cigarette. I walked up to him and asked him if he would mind if i take a couple of photographs of him. He smiled and nodded, which meant i could. I noticed he was avoiding looking straight into the camera after i took a couple of shots, so i asked him to look straight at me, and took this shot when he did.

- Sher Ali Khan

Ended up with Good Friday off from work somehow so i decided to go wander around Portland (ME) with my camera and try my hand at street photography. it's really not my thing usually but i decided to give it the old college try. while wandering around this gentleman walked right in front of me while i was taking photos stopped waited till i snapped the picture and then walked along, almost like he knew about the shooting challenge and was helping me out. Got some other Great shots while i was wandering around but this is the stand out one.

- Mike Jensen

While running same trails all the time, you come across familiar faces and what better way to take the opportunity to show one of them with this challenge. Being a runner myself, I wanted to make this challenge personal by taking my camera to the trails that calm me on a stressful day. During her training run, Grace kindly let me photograph her and she naturally illuminated the environment in which she plays in. Shot by the Rose Bowl with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EF 70-200mm f/4-5.6 lens with an available light exposure of 1/125sec @ f/5.0 and ISO 200.

- Jennifer Castro

This 2-day old baby was a complete stranger to me at the time I visited him at the hospital, which explains his suspicious look (even though I got parental consent for this picture.)

- Diego Jimenez

A lazy Sunday afternoon, gorgeous weather, and the lovely Frank Sinatra park in Hoboken, NJ made this photograph a reality. Me and a few friends were just chilling at the park under the sun after a heavy lunch when I spotted Megan lying next to her bike and decided to go ahead and introduce myself. She had been biking around for most of the day, unable to resist the lovely weather and had been taking a well deserved break. She was a great conversationalist so it was a pleasure to get to talk to her a bit as I took the pictures.

- Megan

And with the arrival of spring, it's time for me to try out some of Kodak's Portra 400 film, a fine grain emulsion designed specifically for film scanning and is suppose to look amazing. So I found these two helpful ladies, two strangers who took time to smell my completely fake flower.

- Tony Case

Over the weekend I decided to really nerd-out and go solo to the Illinois Railway Museum about an hour northwest of Chicago. I took my T2i and 3 film cameras. Almost all of the restoration work done on the locomotives and cars is done by retired guys doing it on their free time. I was in a back area and ask one of the old guys to stand in front of one of the freight cars that was in pretty rough shape. "What's this for?" he asked. "Posterity." I replied.

-Rob Lennox

After a nice Easter Sunday family gathering, my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk in a nearby forest preserve. We hiked to a small waterfall and after being there for about half an hour, a couple walked up. They were not the couple I would have thought to see hiking through the suburbs, but I knew immediately I wanted shoot their portraits. My girlfriend had to do a little convincing for me to actually approach them, but I did it. To be honest, I never even caught there names. I simply approached them and asked if I could take their portrait. That's why I love these challenges...It makes you think outside the box and gets you out of your comfort zone.

- Michael Durr

Photo taken with Nikon D90 with a 15mm Prime Lens, bouncing a Speedlight Flash off of a nearby wall. After a show where I had been taking photos of the bands, and less than stellar attempts to do portraits people who "seemed" very interesting, I went looking for my buddy Mike. I found him talking to the guy Alonzo Cantu, who is a local stand-up comedian. He was explaining to my buddy the art of "Picking up Bitches" with an intensity in his eyes that made it feel like a very important conversation.

- Dave Terry

I was recently on vacation in Amsterdam NL, and was trying to find a friends house, in a area no tourist would ever have reason to wander. What I found in that neighborhood was generations of family sitting on the steps, eating, talking, kids running in circles in the street laughing. I just saw a family sitting on their street, snapped a few shots, and continued on my way to my friends house. The laughter of water soaked kids filling the street behind me, I continued to be half lost, looking for a home in a area and moment.

- Julian Lynn

I hopped on the first ferry out of Seattle; it didn't matter where. The mockingjay pin caught my eye, and the odds were in my favor when he agreed to a picture.
This is my first Gizmodo shooting challenge.

- Helen Lee

This is a busted up and nearly crippled from injury Gloucester Fisherman. Can't work anymore and is living in a Van with his dog. Speaking with him, he seems confident enough... but his eyes reveal the fear and desperation he lives with.

- Charlie Carroll

I am a little embarrassed to take pictures of strangers especially here in Zurich where people are generally a little colder to strangers however I saw a beggar who was standing outside a shop with his dogs, I gave him some change and asked if I can take his picture, he agreed saying "as long as it's not for the police". It was cold and it was Easter weekend, this dude gave me a smile and I gave him one as he laughed at his own joke :)

- Nils Rohwer

San Francisco is full of aspiring musicians. I was walking down Haight Street and since I'm from here, I usually don't pay attention but because of this photo project, all of a sudden, I notice all of the colorful people out here. Some of them more interesting than the shops themselves; one of them being the girl whose banjo read, "Life is not a paragraph."
I shot using my Nikon D40, ISO at 400, 55mm f5.6 1/100 seconds. Then I went into photoshop and made it into a black and white, and to make her eyes pop out a little more.

- Stacy Repin

To photograph for this contest I went into NYC with a sign that read "lollipop for a picture". For each person that allowed me to take their photograph was given a lollipop. Some were eager to participate and others were hesitant. This Gentleman agreed to let me photograph him for $2 and a lollipop. From what i could gather he was working at the park in Union Square. He had all of his clothes with him in a bag, which he even asked me to keep an eye on at one point, and I could only assume he was homeless. He swung fake punches, and got up close and personal for his "moment of fame" in front of my camera, clearly exhibiting his tough guy persona.

- Bonnie Hoogenboom

I was walking around the beach, which we call the strip, and saw a guy counting his coins. I snuck up infront of him and said "boo!" and took his picture. Needless to say, he got $3 bucks from me :)

- Crystal Yap

On my recent unplanned visit to Kashmir, I headed to Pahalgam after spending 5 days at Srinagar. The garden at the lodging that I was occupying was being tended by this gardener who spoke about his connection with nature being higher than his belief in the almighty. He's been working at the same place for the last 40 years and knew every inch of the surface that he tended to. I asked him if I could take a picture of him, to which he happily agreed upon. The joy in his eyes are proof to the fact that our eventual relation to the earth and the joy in sowing a seed and watching it grow to bloom into something even bigger than you is what being at peace is all about. His wrinkles display an image of a content human and not that of a stressed mind, further proving that if a gardener, earning a meagre sum of money can be so content, then this commercialized world has a respite after all.

- Smaran Sahu

i'm very new to my city/neighbourhood. I've seen this guy around quite a bit and it turns out he's the local barber.Luckily I managed to catch him just before he was starting work. Very nice guy and quite the character.

- Ian Pettigrew

The story behind the shot is I'm currently studying abroad in Singapore for this semester. Me and a few friends flew to Bali last weekend to have some fun. We spent a day in Ubud, driving around on scooters and looking at the rice fields. We'd stopped to talk some photos of them when this man approached us, when I asked to take is photo. The picture was shot using an Olympus EPL-1, on normal settings.

- Nathan Miller

This contest seems right up my alley. I've got a blog in which I post pictures of people's faces around New York City. Took this latest one Wednesday afternoon on 2nd ave down in the east village on my way to the Bean for some coffee. Started doing this about a year ago since I've always been a bit shy and forcing myself to wander up to complete strangers and chat with them a bit seemed like a good way to get over that.

- Dave

I made ​​this picture at live acoustic gig with the local band "mushrooms". The image is captured Canon EOS 450D camera with 18-55 IS lens at ISO 800 f3.5. The picture shows the singer of the band sings and the force of which he was shown the veins on his head.

- Adnan Rekic

Was out day spending at Safari Park Lahore. After finishing up a healthy dose of chicken broast; I walked a complete opposite direction in hopes of peacefully taking some great wild life photos. Soon after, I met this amazing guy (Salman) taking pictures of a dancing peacock. We both took some pictures of the beautiful peacock and had a little chat when I mentioned ‘Gizmodo shooting challenge'. He turned out to be a fellow gizmodo reader! And readily agreed to be photographed. Given current political conditions of Pakistan, he made this shooting himself in the head pose. Though, I wish he had allowed me to publish his troll face pose. What a natural troll face I must say!

- Kazim Hasan

This picture was taken in Lawrence, KS. During my weekend photo walk met up with a unique street artist who called himself Old Bill, with a husky voice and soul , we shared my last cigarette. I was looking for some inspiration as this was my first street shooting experience and found Old Bill singing about the nostalgia of childhood, growing up in simpler times.
At just about the moment i was ready to click , the lady carrying the little girl came into the frame. The little girl peeping out from her encampment with her "Mary Jane" shoes exemplified the meaning i was going for.

- Arvind Raja

So I was testing a 55-300mm lens that I borrowed from my cousin. When I walk along the street to take some photos, this man called me and he asked me to took a picture of him.

He works as a motorcycle taxi driver.

- Bryan Wicaksono