They may not be as adorable as a baby sloth, but these nine examples of new tech invading old come from our friends at Oobject.

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Statue of Liberty from Jersey City

Giza Pyramids from Cairo

Stonehenge car park

McDonalds at the Pantheon

Trajan's Column with cleaning cupboard

Somewhat hidden away in London's vast Victoria and Albert museum is a plaster cast of Trajan's Column which was deemed worthless enough to contain a door in it for cleaning supplies such as mops and buckets.
Since the original column has suffered from Rome's pollution, the cast is now priceless, with better relief, making the cleaning cupboard all the more weird.

The Starbucks in the Louvre

The Chinese may have complained about fast food in the forbidden city, but actually the French beat them to it. The basement of the Louvre which resembles more of a shopping mall than a museum contains its very own Starbucks.

The Parthenon as a munitions dump

What is seen today can be considered a bad view, since the Parthenon's use as a munitions dump, rather than the ravages of time are what make it a partial ruin.

Venice from the Venice Mestre Freeway

London's Gherkin from East End Market