People love the Jambox, a cute, portable Bluetooth speaker that don't cost too much money. It's been so successful, in fact, that it's unsurprising to see similar products crop up. Like these new Braven Bluetooth speakers, which manage to look quite similar to while costing a touch less and throw some handy new features in the bargain.

Braven used to be a company called Spar, which recently introduced some familiar looking Blutooth speakers that could also charge devices via USB. This new Braven line builds on those basics.

At the top end, the $190 Braven 650 Bluetooth speaker is targeted at people who are willing to pay a little extra for better audio quality. According to the company, this speaker uses higher quality audio encoding that delivers "near-lossless" audio quality from Bluetooth speaker. That sounds promising, but we'll believe it when we hear it.

The $180 Braven 625s features a rugged exterior casing capable of withstanding the shuffling that comes along with being a portable speaker. Finally, the $150 Braven 600 is your basic speaker with no extra sound or packaging upgrades.

These are beautiful speakers. Based on all of the thought put into their design we're willing to be they're pretty great. Still, Bluetooth speakers vary a lot in sound quality, so we'll reserve judgement until we hear these for ourselves when they're released on June 1st. [Braven]