The artist Doug Aitkin built his Venice, California, home as a shrine to what he calls "Acid Modernism," a warm and organic space that is also "perceptual and hallucinatory." Its rooms feature high-concept design incorporated in livable, functional ways.

Maybe the coolest thing about Acid House is that Aitkin embedded nine geological microphones into its foundation; all he needs to do is turn up the volume, to hear the ebb and flow of the tide and shifting tectonic plates through speakers he's installed throughout the house.

[T MagazineImages via Jason Schmidt/T Magazine]

In the "sonic room," a table Aitkin designed can be played like a xylophone.

An indoor succulent garden planted beneath the staircase sits opposite the dining area.

Aitkin's piece "Future" (2012) looms overhead in the master bedroom.

"Sunset Stripped," a photograph Aitkin bleached with Ambien and melatonin, among other sleep aids.

The clean lines and cut glass windows of Acid House, as seen from the street.