Candys in a Hungarian Tesco shot by an SGS2. :-)

- Zsolt Brunáry

Took this on an HTC Inspire. 8 MP camera on normal settings. Stopped while running for the shot.

- Caddy93

The Yearning Pooch

Using Instagram on my iphone 4s, I decided to use circle blur and earlybird effects to compose this photo.


My friend and I love our dogs. My friend has two and all of his neighbors have them. While he was taking photos of them with nikon dslr I had my Iphone looking for the perfect shot of my friends' dogs. My friends neighbors' dog has somewhat of "puppy love" with the smaller one of my friends dog (a corgi.) I see the dog looking so innocent in the corner and I had to take it.

- Jacob Aronoff

I took this shot of an old network card lying around, Its actually quite small, smaller than a dollar bill. I put the card right on the camera and turned the flash on to try and light just the card and not the table it was sitting on. I liked the idea of showing technology stylized using Instagram to appear older. Reminds me of Wozniak working in his garage pioneering the home computer. I used a Transformer Prime, and used Instagram's Toaster filter.

- Jim Gallogly

Shot in the Thompson center in Chicago using Ansel filter.

Sincerely, Ravi Gulfam

Hey Guys,
As we were preparing for a bike ride across the golden gate bridge we stopped at this little overlook and were taken back by how beautiful it was in San Francisco on Sat. I took a few shots until I got this beauty.

- Scotty Eagle

Photo was just a spur
of the moment thing while sitting outside having drinks.

- Peter Sharp

I took this on the iPhone 4S
When we moved into our house part of the backyard was overgrown with 6ft tall weeds. While looking around my brother-in-law and I saw something sitting buried deep in the middle of the weed patch. He forced his way through and found this headless St Francis statue. We joked that it was as if it was a lost statue buried in the jungle. After some clearing and weeding Headless St Francis sits proudly in the backyard, with his head at his feet.

- Eric Brown

This was taken one night when I was walking from work to my car. It was at dusk, I looked over and I saw the lights from Miller Park shining over where I work and it just looked cool and I threw it down for this challenge.

- Matt Andrews

finally a contest I could enter! the picture is of a huge tree that is at the heart of my college here in Colombia, i took it with my android LG-P500 (optimus one) and applied the toaster filter since I loved the way the leaves turned golden on its center

- Sergio Galvis

On the weekend we had a blizzard, this is meteor looking rock that is on my front lawn, I find it wildly interesting, and when the snow flakes were flying I snapped this one, used the Kelvin filter with extra exposure.

- Jason Olyan

Htc sensation.
Boys enjoying the beautiful weather.
Just getting into baseball.
Oldest wanted to pitch.
Middle really got into getting into the proper stance.

- Brian Lawser

A trip to see the finished renovations at the San Xavier cathedral, on O'odham land, a just south on 10 from Tucson, we were pleased to find they were holding a pow wow, a tribal gathering, a celebration of dancers. It was noon and getting hot, even for March. This is the opening ceremony; in the center of the arena, you can greet tribal leaders, shake their hand and thank them. It was such a moving event, a surprise. A convergence of incredible beauty and of course, sadness; of cultural tradition and modern reality.

- Lauren Oliver

Used the Hudson filter, no flash. Instagram-ed this tiny bouquet on
my in-laws' kitchen counter to capture this amazing New England
spring. The dandelions and violets are already in bloom, and it's
only mid-April.

- Martha Bixby

Hey all,
Here is my submission to the Instagram shooting challenge, shot on my iPhone.
This photo follows a series of work that basically comprises of my attempting to cheat gravity, I always lose, but just for an instant I succeed. I shot this using the hefe filter with the tilt blur added.
Thanks Marshall Marice.


In Orlando, FL for a meeting and saw this dino at the mini put course in the parking lot as we walked to dinner.

Scott Doyle

It's a picture of my cat, greenish yellowish eyes, with the typical thin black vertical line in the middle .... Always quite difficult to catch, because closing eyes when a camera of phone is coming around! I used the Instargam Lo-fi filter, to focus on the color.

- Nicole Chanson

The equipment I was using was a iPhone 4, the setting was ClearWater Beach, Florida.
My name is Jarod Dickerson and this was taken during my spring break this past march, and I wanted to capture scene that I had on my beach chair with my friends that day. It was perfect weather that day, and my friends legs just clip the bottom of the picture to really give a POV perspective of the picture.

- Jarod Dickerson

This photo was taken for the Instagram Shooting Challenge. Prior to this challenge I had never used Instagram. I can't say I was opposed to it, just never tried it. I must say since getting it on my Ipod Touch I have been using it relentlessly. It was tough for me to pick just one picture for this contest because I had so much fun taking so many. The picture I chose is called, Leonard. It is of my cat Leonard lounging on his favorite couch. I thought, seeing as how Instagram is social media tool that it only seemed fitting to take a cat picture...

- Chris Koelsch

I work as the only IT guy for a large wholesale / retail greenhouse so I have access to beautiful blooms to photograph basically 365 days a year. Each year we grow close to 150 MILLION flowering plants in our massive 20 acre greenhouse complex. This morning I stopped by one of our retail stores to get some photos of freshly blooming plants. The plant that I chose to submit is Celosia Castle Scarlet. Celosia, also known as cockscomb, is genus in the amaranth family and a favorite flower among older gardeners, but is starting to become popular once again. I shot this with my iPhone 4S using the HeFe filter to really make the red pop and a circular focus to just highlight the foremost flower head.

- John Morgan

I am traveling for work and this morning I looked toward the hotel window and loved the mirror's reflection. I took the photo and thought that the "early bird" filter would be perfect... since it is, in fact, really early for me.

I also like that the open bathroom door makes me a silhouette in the window. Just a small detail that makes for a fun photo. Also the graininess sums up how I feel being up this early!

I tend to be a user of the Best Camera app, so it has been a game changer to use Instagram. I think both have their perks and I completely understand why Instagram is so popular.

- Martha Zink

Image of my "country boy" dressed in his urban threads. Captured with instagram in full sun, light lomo added.

- Amy Womack

I took this photo of an old telephone in a little-used corridor at my grandparents' house near Edinburgh, in Scotland. The phone itself doesnt work any more, sadly. The photo makes me think I should call my grandparents more often.

- Camilla Garton

I saw this carved wooden statue in an old wine store over the weekend. Set against the old lace curtains and dusty bottles of wine, her presence was peculiar and a little haunting.

I took the photo with my HTC Incredible 2 and used the Instagram X-Pro filter.

- Moira G

While in college a friend of mine had this idea: to sew beanie babies (stuffing removed) to a pair of pants. He would then wear said pants whilst playing with his band at a concert. The excess beanie babies and multiple duplicates became experiments. Behold, a chihuahua inside out! He is now perched above my desk. May he haunt your dreams, waking you in the middle of the night wanting to play.

Taken on my iPhone 4 with Instagram.

- Francis Armetta

took this shot while waiting to get a pizza at the local convenience store. the water tower is about the only cool or interesting thing here in town and it looks like it's been there since the dawn of time. perfect for a little instagramage. enjoy!

- Mike Jensen

Technique: In order to create a warm, loving atmosphere for the photo, I attached an orange cloth to the wall behind the shot, and used the Kelvin filter to draw out and 'bring alive' this warmth. The focus was then set on one card at the front that I particularly cherish for it's lovely message, which also had the effect of bringing a haziness to the rest of the scene, creating a soft, warm, and peaceful feeling to the shot. The pink smiley hearts in the background (which are not from my sweetheart, but hearts I drew myself) were added to give the shot some cute appeal and a bit of aesthetically-pleasing color variance.


Environment/Scene: In my room at night. Objects were placed atop the lid of my electone keyboard

Tools: Letters and cards from my sweetheart. An orange cloth, and a sheet of white paper. A red and black magic marker. A white flashlight, and my desk lamp.

Story: In the corner of my room, I have a collection of wonderful, special, love-filled message cards from my sweetheart. They are all very very nice and they will be my treasures forever. I think that perhaps, in the middle of the night, these cards come together in my room and boast to each other about the happy, love-filled messages they bear. The hearts smile as they hear the cards all murmuring about their lovely messages. In the morning, when I wake up in my bed alone, I usually always feel lonely. But sometimes, when I feel a lingering sense of happiness, I know it must have been thanks to these cards.

-Chika Inoue

This photo was taken yesterday in Rabun County, GA. The weather was beautiful - a clear, sunny day, and it was around 4pm. Equipment was a Samsung Charge. We had taken the kids to hike up to a waterfall when they noticed this pay phone in the campground parking lot. Being kids (and never having seen a pay phone before), they were completely enamored with it! Thought it would make a cool shot...definitely "time capsule" material. :)

Michelle George