Hi, this was taken with an iPhone 4S using the Valencia filter. It is in my studio with a new maquette I just finished on the right and some clay polyhedrons to the left in the background. I hope to make the little paper maquette (it's about 6 inches across), into an outdoor sculpture (materials TBD) about 5 or 6 feet high. Thanks for making Instagram a shooting challenge!

- Chris

I moved to NYC within the past year having spent my entire upbringing in Southern California. Living in a big city, for any sort of city for that matter, is an entirely new experience for me, and one that I embrace everyday. I wake up each morning and note the progressive construction of the Freedom Tower. This view allows me to look out and appreciate this unique and amazing city before starting my day and entering its madness. Shot using my iPhone4S

-Brandon P.

I had a favorite picture all ready to submit until Sunday evening before going to sleep. This is a picture of my Frankie and her new favorite toy. My husband and I were watching a movie and she just curled right up on the couch. We had just been talking about how sad she always looks and this picture captures her true sweetness!

Taken by: Marcie Foster
Instagram: Early bird filter

So it was day 5 of the 30 day Photo Challenge I am doing and I was walking home from school with a friend. I decided to take advantage of the clear Vancouver weather that day, and climbed to the top of the stairs and took this picture. We took many pictures of the scenery and nature that day at the park, but this one is my favourite from that day as it shows the city in the distance, as well as the beautiful and natural side of the ever growing community.


I have no filter on this picture and I thought a filter ruined the balanced colours. As you can tell by the tent in the distance, this photo was taken in Coquitlam, BC; more specifically, Town Center Park. The photo was taken on an LG Optimus 2x.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

- Samson Li

Instagram singlehandedly got me interested in photography. I had bought a DSLR but rarely used it but it wasn't until i got my iPhone and Instagram (I always wondered why people paid for the Hipstamtic app?) that I actually started taking some interesting photos. That being said, I have stopped using Instagram because I feel that the real challenge of photography is to make a good photo rather than make it through editing. So this is a little bit nostalgic (if something only a year or two old can be) for me. I feel the one thing that Instagram does well is make a photo look old. So I took a shot of our office where we have some old things (surprisingly all functional). I like the photo as it looks as if it could have been taken 40 years ago. I used the Earlybird filter with a little bit of tilt shift added in with my iPhone 3GS. Hope you like it.

-Matthew Johnson

I've been meaning to shoot this abandoned building near my town, and I thought it would work well with the Instagram filters. I took this with my iPhone 4S and used the X-Pro II filter.

- Jamie Babbitt

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this man. I don't know him, but I call him King Wheelie.

- Chris Swoszowski

This is my dog: Rosco P. Coltrane. On 4/6/2012 RPC got Bob Barker'd. On 4/7/2012 he turned 6 months old. His shaved front driver's side leg is a continuing reminder to him of his recent procedure, it seems to bother him way more than his current lack of testicles. It was 80 degrees today in the middle of April and we had just taken RPC on our regular walk route (a little over 2 miles). He is not accustomed to the heat. You can see, what I would call, our incredibly inefficient attempts to let him drink water out of our water bottles all over his face. Once we got back to our house he collapsed in the our front yard to soak up a little shade on some cool grass.

Instagram for Android. HTC Thunderbolt. Lo-Fi filter. Cockapoo.

- JD Eates

On a early Sunday walk with the dog, my neighbors poppies caught my eye. Remembering this challenge, I bent down with my Driod X, and while hanging onto the pup I grabbed the single shot. I used the Brannan filter because I liked how it brought out the yellow in the flowers without losing the vibrance in the reds.

- Megan Pratt

For this shot I used my iPhone 4S and only the Instagram app (per your request).
LED Flash was used.
Filter used: 1977
Radial blur was used.
Lux Feature was also used.
Instagram username: @ryanclarkfilm


I like how different cameras capture light in different ways, and the iPhone 4S does some interesting things. I just wanted to experiment with how my iPhone would capture its own flash when it was reflected back at it from a very short distance. This picture is actually of the bottom of a grape-flavored, sports drink bottle, with the iPhone's flash reflecting and refracting off of it. I like how the light reflects off of many different points, creating a dreamy sort-of image. I also really like the strange blue, purple and yellow anomalies that occur in the lower-left corner of the photo. The longer I look at this photo, the more I dig it. Facebook, don't screw this up.

- Ryan Clark

I have the app on my iPhone 4s, and I usually use it when I'm bored. This is my first entry ever, and I love the contests and a good picture. I was on my way to visit a friend at her workplace and the trip there is really nice. I'm a hyper guy so as me and my other friend were driving there the radio got me pumped. Probably ended up ruining a really nice shot of the bay, but I think it just explains the type of person I am. We were getting ice cream and root beer floats, so I'll name it Beaches & Cream.

- Oliver Gonzalez

"The Old Ball Game"

For my wife's birthday, I decided to take her out to see the Texas Rangers play. We always love going out to the games, especially one this early on in the season. Less heat. Anyways, I remembered the challenge and have always wanted to participate. So I figured what better time than at the game. We had decent seats, and this was the best shot that I got from that night. I used the tilt-shift feature, and "Inkwell" filter for this shot. I liked the black and white look that the "Inkwell" filter offered because it reminded me of vintage ball park shots. I took this with my iPhone 4. Enjoy!

- Lucas Schneider

My younger brother had just returned from a trip to Italy, and brought back and old quill for me. I went crazy and started to write and draw with it on this page, and I decided to write the word "Bleed" very slowly and thickly so the ink would pool up on the word. It was shiny and lovely, and after a seconds though, I blew on it and the ink started to run. Well I kept blowing until the ink would go no further and then wanted to take a picture of it. I put a lamp to the left of it because there wasn't enough light and then snapped away.
I used the auto-brighten with Lo-Fi filter
Can't wait to write a long letter on some parchment paper with the pen, until then I doodle away

- Taylor Passofaro

I was walking around the front yard taking some pics of my son, and I sometimes like to take some texture type pictures. We have a rock bed around some of the bushes and I thought it might make for an interesting shot. I took a few different pics, and then I broke out instagram to snap one and used the Brannan filter on it. Thats really all there is to it. I just thought it made for a good texture..


Chris Leland

Shot with a Galaxy Nexus Android phone with Instagram for Android.
Location: Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa, UK

I saw two near perfect Tulips among a crescent of flowers and I was felt compelled to take a photo of it....
I think I might go back and take another shot with my DSLR just to try and capture the magic of it all!!

- Gaetano Cecere

I took this photo in my front yard using the rear camera on my iPhone 4s. I was trying to get a nice depth of field on the leaf, but when ever I'd tap to focus- the leaf would be out of focus. I kept at it and finally, in the middle of my phone trying to find a focus point, I snapped the photo which resulted in a crisp depth of field.

- Chris Gesualdo

This photo was taken somewhere on the I5 between San Francisco and LA. It probably wasn't the best idea to snap a photo while I was driving, but the combination of the sunsetting, and the daydreamy look of my girlfriend was too good to pass up. Taken with the Iphone 4S.


Sean Ferris

Upon the Seine (Paris, France), the big clock of the Orsay Museum count at reverse the time until the next election will occur. At this precise time, the two challenger are haranguing their supporters, at each side of the clock (which we can see from behind).

Settings ? iPhone4s with Instagram (Inkwell)


Between two seats of new automatic line 1 Metro in Paris.
Can you see the walking star ?


Taken with an iPhone 3GS, Instagram Kelvin filter

I wandered around the Back Bay of Boston on Saturday and had taken several shots for this challenge that I really liked but the subjects were nothing overly interesting. I had brownstones, skyscrapers (though Boston has few of those) and fire engines. My fiancée and I decided to kill some time before getting dinner and drove out to the Marine Industrial Park on Boston Harbor. Way in the very back of the massive park we saw this Navy hospital ship (The USNS Comfort) in dry dock getting some repairs. It was all lit up in the dry dock which is sandwiched between some abandoned warehouses on one pier and a massive converted office center. You could see that it was getting some patches repainted and the whole thing is just massive. According to Wikipedia this ship has been on hand for assistance in NY on September 11th, New Orleans and Florida after Hurricane Katrina, and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. I was able to get my phone through a gap in the fence and get this shot, yeah it's dark and grainy but after all it's an iPhone.

- Heather Memmel

Just a new bowl.

- Christian Bonilla

While eating dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant, Seoul Cuisine, I decided it was due time to send a submission to the weekly (or how ever often it actually occurs) photo challenge. The wife and I are adventurous eaters compared to most Tennessee locals and every time we visit this particular location the owner insists on choosing our meal. This time she surprised us with Bibimbap! The "Hot Stone Bowl" finishes the sunny-side up egg and fries the rice to perfection. All in all a delicious and photogenic meal.
Instagram/Lo-fi filter/Single-Spot Tilt Shift

- Matthias Anderson

I bet lots of people hoped their eyes were cameras. Lucky for me I had my cellphone laying around, I asked my girlfriend to stay still while I tried to put its lenses exactly where my eyes were. Can't remember the filter, I think it was Rise or Walden.

- Caio Arantes

Title: "Why"
Device: Galaxy Nexus
Settings: Instagram for Android using the Brannan filter
I looked up at a wisteria vine hanging from a trellis. Bumble bees were abuzz as the sunlight streaked and scored shadows along the leaves and lavender petals. I took home some seeds encased in a pod to germinate.

Yours truly,

Hi Gizmodo,

This picture was taken at night using Instagram for Android on my Samsung Galaxy SII phone. The photo uses the Instagram Kelvin filter with brightness toggled on. The flash was off.


I had these shot glasses with colored glass bottoms that I thought might make a nice Instagram picture. I placed them on an old bookshelf against the wall with a serving bottle. The shadows on the wall along with the Instagram filter give the photo an old warm charm, I think.

The photo is located on Instagram at http://instagr.am/p/JbCIu6DCks/ .


Mashuqur Rahman

I was at our local shopping mall when I spotted this old bus. I thought of the Partridge family TV show but of course this bus had seen a better day so i wanted to use filters that enhanced this run down bus.


Equipment: iPhone 4S
I used two settings to try to emphasize both the old school and deteriorated State of the bus:

Michelle Patterson

Taken with an iPhone 4, the filter is Earlybird. Was walking in the grounds of Malahide castle with my girlfriend, thought the shot of her with the castle in the background was interesting. Shot it several times with my DSLR then remembered the competition!

- Harry Guiness

Prior to this, I had never used Instagram myself. Part of the reason is that I have a Windows Phone (we don't have an Instagram app yet). The other being my only iOS device with a camera was my iPad 2 (which has a terrible camera). But recently I bought the iPad 3 (that's what I call it, deal with it). I figured I would finally have a reason to use my iPad 3 camera and Instagram. The giraffe (named Timber) and the teddy bear (named Chesapeake) belong to my sister and she loves them. After trying a few filters, I settled on this photo. Photo details: iPad (2012), Instagram, Rise (filter).

- Daniyal Hayat