Del Shannon and Roy Orbison were titans in the music business, so when they're introducing you on national television, that's saying something. Here's Mr. Excitement singing two of his greatest hits while wearing what appear to be some of those ass-flappy long-johns and a pair of pirate boots.

Jackie Wilson, for those of you who shamefully don't know, is one of the the most influential singers in American music history. He helped lead the transition from R&B to Soul and was known as a master showman (influencing James Brown, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley). He had over 50 hit singles during his solo career which spanned multiple genres and is considered among the most successful crossover acts of his generation.


Now, you may be asking yourself, "What on Earth is this incredible recording of an American art form from one of the genre's founders doing on such a fabulous technology site? How could I be so lucky?" Because this,

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