The general rise of artisanal wares over the past few years hasn't been particularly shocking. But to see that trend spill over into safety products—almost exclusively the domain of science, technology and research—is a bit strange. Especially when it's a bike helmet meant to protect your brain.

Coyle bike helmets use different woods—firs, maples, oaks, etc.—to keep your head intact while bike riding. Inside, according to Bike Rumor, the helmet uses cork instead of foam, which, according to the manufacturer. stands up to all the same safety tests any other helmet has to withstand (but wasn't officially tested by the government, as they won't certify custom helmets).

But you will pay for this dandy-ized safety product: helmets range between $265 and $350. But hey, at least you won't look like a complete and utter geek.

[Coyle via Bike Rumor]