The best iPhone apps of the week are a balance of mental and physical. Outfit yourself in the coolest threads with one, and also stay up to date on the most important news with another. We're also showing you how to find cool parks and a possible solution for governing your dreams, and more.

Sierra Club Trail Explorer: There could be an array of wonderful hikes in your area and you don't even know it. But this app will steer you to more than 40,000 trails in North America, providing maps, activities, descriptions, and reviews. It's like your own personal guide, and you don't even need an Internet connection. It works offline, too! Free

Svpply: This one goes out to all the shopaholics out there. Svpply brings a curated sampling of new products to you each day, culled from more than 70,000 stores and brands across the web. You can build a wish list, browse different items, and search for clothes, home goods, art, gadgets, and more. The only problem is knowing when to stop. Free

MustKnow News: You're not going to waste any time getting up to speed on current events with this one. It displays the top 10 news stories in an easy to read format, with rundowns of the biggest topics from past days that you can look back on. $2

Dream On: Can you control your dreams? It's possible you can influence them, and this app will help you along. Put it near you when you go to bed, and it will monitor sleep patterns. Once it determines that you've entered your REM cycle, it will begin to play a customized soundscape to push your mind in the right direction. Choices include rainforest, paparazzi, space shuttle, and many other scenarios. It comes with two soundscapes, but extras can be purchased for $1 each. Free

Smithsonian Channel: Visiting the Smithsonian in the flesh might not be possible for you, but you can still glean all kind of knowledge from on in this app. It offers hundreds of video clips from its channel, a programming schedules, and tons of useful facts. Free