All kinds of goodies are coming at you with this week's best Android apps. They'll make sure you never miss a birthday, know when your next package is going to be delivered, and let you find all kinds of cool photos and new music.

Karma: If you have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries, download Karma right now. It integrates with your Facebook profile to find out important dates, and lets you buy someone a gift from within the app. You don't even have to know their address. Karma will ask them to enter it and send to off. Free

Shiprack: Sometimes you miss a delivery because you don't know when it's supposed to arrive. UPS won't leave your order, and then you're screwed. But you'll always know when an order is supposed to arrive with Shiprack, a package tracker. It lets you monitor all your mail, and you don't even have to enter a tracking number. Free

Spotify: This app got a much-needed update this week, with a new version that's cleaner, more visual, and much improved. It's reliant on a slide-out navigation system in the top left-hand corner, that makes skipping around the app a breeze. There's also more of an emphasis on music discovery, with access to friends' profiles and pages as well as recommendations. Subscription

500px: A huge sampling of gorgeous photos are found on this photo aggregation app. It culls beautiful images from all over the web, lets you find new ones and share them on Facebook or Twitter from your Android tablet. Free

Play Up: It's a lot more fun to watch a ball game with your friends, and this app rides on that assumption. You choose the game, and you and your buds can talk about the match as it's played. If you want to watch your college football team in a big rivalry game with friends from your alma mater, Play Up will make it happen. Free