The NFL Draft is exciting, but holy hell does it take forever. Once the top picks are all gone, you'll find yourself anxiously waiting around, watching millionaires in suits deliberate their next move. Here's how you're going to keep yourself occupied in the meantime.

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Vibrating Football

Long before there were Madden video games, there was battery-powered vibrating football. Sure you can't pick your team or pick the plays, but watching the gyrating action happen is hypnotic to keep your mind off the boredom of the draft. $40

Stimulent and Creatine Smoothy Cocktails

You're going to need to refuel your body at some point, so why not do it the way pros do. Take a big old scoop of some preposterously complex energizing powder and mix it with some delicious fruits to make yourself a rage-enducing performance elixir. For extra bonus entertainment, pour in tequila too. $25

Flick Kick Field Goal

The chances anyone will draft a kicker in the first round? Very slim! But you can pay homage to the sure-footed stars with this ridiculously entertaining game for iOS. $1


Killing time when you're sitting around the house doesn't have to be any different than killing time when you're at the office, and as a desktop toy, there's nothing better than Buckyballs. See if you can make a football out of magnetic balls before the draft is over. $28

Football Word Puzzles

While you wait for coaches and owners on TV to figure out exactly what moves they're going to make, you too should stimulate your brain. Pick up your favorite word puzzle book, and knock a few out while you wait. $8


While the paltry commentators are on TV are riffing about lord knows what, our buds at Deadspin are going to be all over the draft with the best commentary out there. Hit mute on your TV, and tune in for their coverage. Free


All night long you're going to watch young football stars—children, basically—prance around in suits more expensive than anything you'll ever own in your life get signed to huge contracts. Kind of makes you feel like a scrub, huh? Break out the iron and board, and get those unsightly wrinkles out of your shirts. You'll still be a scrub, but at least you'll be a scrub in a nicely-pressed Oxford. $25