Work stations that double as stationary bikes, a remade 1960s IBM clock, murals comprised of old maps, and carbon fiber shelves, among other drool-worthy pieces are among the most beautiful items making the rounds this week.

The Skeletal Hensen Chair Proves Minimal Design Can Also Be Fun

Fresh out of the Milan Furniture Show comes this gorgeous chair from upstart Dutch designers Kranen/Gille. The lovely sky blue seat is made out of steel and was designed for New Duivendrect, which appeared in the annual exhibition for the first time. More »

Literally the Sweetest Murals You've Ever Seen (Because They're Made of Sugar)

Montreal-based artist Shelley Miller has found a new use for sugar, and it's got nothing to do with dessert. Using a technique quite similar to the way decorative icing is piped onto a cake, Miller replicated ancient mosaics, historical Portuguese tiles, and decorative street art—all in a water-soluble medium. More »

These Sleek Salt and Pepper Shakers Have Only One Opening

Moloko's Vortex Salt and Pepper Shakers are beautifully minimalist—so minimalist, they have no plug and only one opening. To fill them, salt or pepper is poured into the top funnel, where it flows down into the inner chamber. More »

Carbon Fiber Bookshelves Are Novel Objects of Lust

You don't see it used in furniture very often, but Davide Anzalone's Aliante bookshelf, which took the top prize at Olympus RFP's 2012 Carbon Fiber Design Contest, makes a strong case for using carbon fiber everywhere. More »

The Haiku Fan Is Perfect for Your Apartment or Zendo

Your ceiling fan is something you might not think about until it starts creaking in the night, keeping you from sweet sweet slumber. But it should be more than just a thing attached to your ceiling, collecting dust bunnies. The lovely Haiku is equally sleek and functional, a nice way to circulate the air in your home, and also add to the aesthetic. More »

This Desk-Shelf Hybrid Harmoniously Combines Form and Function

People in cramped apartments have had to choose between tables or shelves for ages. Without a desk, it's difficult to get real, substantial work done. Without shelves, crap simply piles up around your apartment. But with the Deskbox desk-shelf hybrid, you get both and it doesn't take up any extra space. More »

With a Pedal-Desk This Pretty, You Might Actually Want to Work Out

The stationary bike/desk hybrid is nothing new. But, till now, design seems to have never been of much of consideration. WeBike is a pedal-powered desk that also happens to be a very pretty piece of furniture. More »

Matthew Cusick's Map Collages Are Stunning to See

Dallas-based artist Matthew Cusick cuts and arranges pages from old maps, layer upon layer, creating stunning portraits and landscape scenes.
More »

Iconic 1960s IBM Wall Clock Gets Resurrected

IBM's standard-issue wall clock was ubiquitous on the walls of schools and offices throughout much of the 20th century. It's a perfect example of everyday design that goes unnoticed yet is imprinted in our cultural memory bank. More »