Biggie rapped about his Genesis. Jay-Z rapped about his pager. But DC rapper Boobe's new video covers the full spectrum of digital life: sometimes you just want everyone to fucking leave you alone online.

Who can't relate to this?

Don't text me, I ain't tryna flirt

Of course. It starts with a kiss, maybe an exchanged number. Follow me, you whisper in her ear. I already am, she simpers in return. Then the deluge. Twitpics, CastleVille requests, Words With Friends invites—the inundation replaces courtship. It'll sour any relationship, and that's what the exploding iPhone montage represents, I think.

Lil silly hoe, sent the boy a video, put that bitch on WorldStar, YouTube, Vimeo

Don't do that! It's rude and it a violation of her privacy. Exploding iPhone. [via Fader]