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The Best iPhone Apps April 2012

The end of the month is here, and that means it's time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Who made the cut?


Pick: Instagram is fun, but eventually you might tire of it. Japan's take on the photo filter app, though, is an endless fount of joy. It starts with filters, then gives you the option to add all kinds of stamps, borders, messages, and silly icons to your snapshots. Free

VFX: Liven up your photos with movie-style special effects with this app. Pick from lightning bolts, animals, makeup, swords, or more than 200 other goods to add to your pics. Free

Svpply: This one goes out to all the shopaholics out there. Svpply brings a curated sampling of new products to you each day, culled from more than 70,000 stores and brands across the web. You can build a wish list, browse different items, and search for clothes, home goods, art, gadgets, and more. The only problem is knowing when to stop. Free

Jittergram: This app turns your photos into 3D stereograms. It takes two consecutive photos and instantly turns them into GIFs, without hassle. And you can share all of your creations on Twitter with just a couple of taps. Free

Black SMS: This clandestine app keeps your juiciest texts hidden from prying eyes. Simply open the app, assign a password to your text conversation, and your messages will be kept between you and the person you're chatting with. $0.99

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The Best Android Apps April 2012

It's a new month and that means new apps.


Google Drive: Last month, Google launched Google Drive, its long-awaited Dropbox competitor, and along with it came an Android app. It lets you create, save, sync, and share your files from anywhere. If you're a heavy Google Docs user, you'll definitely want to add this app to your repertoire. Free

500px: A huge sampling of gorgeous photos are found on this photo aggregation app. It culls beautiful images from all over the web, lets you find new ones and share them on Facebook or Twitter from your Android tablet. Free

Next Issue: Magazines are expensive if you buy a new edition each time it hits stands. However, Next Issue consolidates more than 32 glossies, and lets you read everything you want for a reasonable flat rate. Subscription

Instagram: After a long wait, Android users finally got Instagram. The free social snapshot app includes all of the same features included in its iOS counterpart, from more than a dozen photo filters, to instant sharing on Facebook and Twitter. It's already been updated a couple of times to iron out a few kinks in the first release. Free

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The Best iPad Apps April 2012

Here are the iPad apps you should download to play on your new iPad.


Pocket: Read It Later has made its return as Pocket, a sleek, completely redesigned bookmarking app that ensures you'll never miss an interesting article, clip, or picture. This new version has a totally new look and has added support for pictures and videos. Free

Iris App: Though Instagram hasn't made its way to the iPad yet, you can still look at all your photos on Apple's tablet. Iris lets you do just about everything you do on for-real Instagram, save for adding new pictures, and it's a pretty good-looking app. $1.99

Scott Kelby's Lighting Recipes: What's the best way to photograph someone in direct sunlight? Or what about taking a picture indoors? This app gives you all kinds of tips and tricks. In 13 video lessons, Kelby tells how to achieve 20 different shots taken in various settings, from wedding portraits to studio shots. Free

Minds of Modern Mathematics: Mathematics influence every aspect of the world we live in, though we don't often think about number in those terms. Recreating a 1961 installation created by designers Charles and Ray Eames, this iBM-sponsored app puts it into context, with a 1,000-year history of the subject as well as profiles of prominent mathematicians and nine educational videos. Free

National Geographic Today: Never miss a highlight from National Geographic with this app, which offers the best articles, photos, and videos that have appeared on its website in a given day. Part of what makes the magazine so wonderful are its amazing photos, which look fantastic on the new iPad's retina display. Free

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