The best apps of the week are organizing your life and helping you connect with people. There's a history eraser, a reddit reader, a tool for letting you control your phone as you would your Xbox Kinect, and more.

Wave Control: Sometimes you forget to set your phone to vibrate when you should and it rings loudly, and you scramble to silence it. But this app lets you control your phone with hand gestures. You can do things like skip a song or answer a call, all with just a flick of the wrist. Free

Facetones: Ever been stuck on a phone call and had no idea what to say? Facetones will help ensure that won't happen, by displaying the person's most recent Facebook pictures on your screen while you're on the call. $0.99

Meet Me: Meet Me takes the confusion out of setting up a meeting. It equips you to schedule it, pick a location, and share it with others so they have all the details. Meet Me offers a simple way to organize your jam-packed schedule. $1.99

History Eraser Pro: You end up with a lot of stuff on your phone you don't want or need—a lengthy call log, old texts, search history, clipboard data, etc. But this app will let you do some much-needed spring cleaning, wiping all the superfluous data from your device. $3.20

BaconReader for Reddit: If you want an easy, clean way to browse Reddit, you'll like BaconReader. It gives you full access to all of the content you'll see on the actual site with most of the same features in a mobile package. Free