Get ready for Cinco de Mayo while staying healthy with this week's best iPhone apps. You'll also have a new camera app to document your weekend festivities, keep up with the latest news thanks to an automatically-delivered smartphone newspaper.

The Daily: News Corp's tablet newspaper has landed on the iPhone about a year after its original debut. Browse through the top headlines, videos, and pictures of the day. For full access and to have the publication downloaded automatically to your phone each day, you'll have to subscribe at a rate of $2/month or $20/year. Subscription

My Animals for Kids: Part of the magic of the iPhone is that it can stand in as a virtual babysitter. Toss it in front of a crying kid, and it will instantly silence him. This adorable app does that, plus it helps kids learn the names of tons of animals, by quizzing them on their names and repeating them several times. It will help you have a quieter, smarter toddler. Free

Rick Bayless Mexican Essentials: If Cinco de Mayo weekend has you hankering to gorge yourself on enchiladas, tacos, and chips and salsa, you'll want to download this cookbook. It's packed with 35 essential Mexican recipes, 40 instructional videos, and heaps of pictures of the dishes. It's a must-have for your next fiesta. $2.99

I Heart Fruits and Veggies: Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Many nutritionists recommend that you should be eating between five and nine servings per day. This app will help you keep track, by making it into a game. Earn points for munching on carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., learn about the nutritional value of each item, and find healthy recipes too keep yourself in tip-top shape. $0.99

VSCO Cam: If you're turned off by Instagram now that it's been launched on Android and purchased by Facebook, you're might be looking for an alternative. This app joins the lists of photo altering apps. It lets you take pictures, add effects and filters, and share them on your social networks. $0.99