We were given a bumper crop of furniture, art, and design pieces to droll over in the last seven days. A sleek iPad dock, a 120-pound chandelier, and a lounge chair that doubles as a work space, among other lust-worthy pieces are among the most beautiful items making the rounds this week.

Pop-up Bedside Table Is Another Reason Not To Get Your Butt Out Of Bed

Is there anything better than breakfast in bed on the weekends? There is if you happen to be eating it off this sleek bedside table with ample drawers for storage and a brilliant pop-up table that folds away when not in use. More »

Stunning Ice Sculpture Table Will Never Melt Away

You won't have to worry about global warming, or your broken air conditioner, causing architect Zaha Hadid's beautiful Liquid Glacier table to melt away. It might look like a perfect frozen sculpture, but it's actually made from long-lasting clear acrylic. More »

The Ultra-Modern Chair That's All About Old-School Carpentry

The Medici Chair is a contemporary piece inspired by traditional craftsmanship. It was designed for Mattiazzi by Konstantin Grcic, who got his start as a cabinet maker. More »

120-Pound Concrete Light Fixture Is An Ikea Designer's Worst Nightmare

After years of hegemony, the design pendulum is finally starting to swing back from modern, efficient design to an unvarnished, industrial aesthetic. Take, for example, this huge, heavy concrete slab filled with energy-annihilating incandescent lights. More »

Cylindrical Task Light Sisifo Is Illuminating Eye Candy

Sisifo, the sleek task light/table lamp designed for Artemide by Scott Wilson, debuted recently at Frankfurt's 2012 Light+Building Show as well as at Milan's Salon de Mobil. We love its compact form and slick, almost Apple-inspired cylindrical base. More »

Architecturally Inspired Furniture Brings New Meaning to Table Forts

Inspired by children who use furniture as objects of play, Atelier Takagi's Range Life table was designed not only with architects' favorite materials—blackened steel, concrete, glass, etc— but also with the design principles of much larger structures as well, incorporating I-beams, columns and trusses into the visual design of the piece. More »

At Last, an iPad Speaker Dock That Isn't Totally Awkward-Looking

The iPad's built-in speakers aren't exactly mindblowing, so if you find yourself using it mostly as a stand-in for your TV, Beoplay's new A3 dock is a gorgeous solution to its sound woes—even if it costs more than the tablet itself.
More »

Is This the World's Most Expensive Bookmark?

You should never save your place in a book by laying it face down. When it's bookmarked that way, its spine breaks and the binding will never be the same again. But if you're reading next to this beautiful book table, you can probably get away with it. More »

Lounge Chair Ingeniously Hides a Workspace in Its Arms

Just because a piece of furniture is beautiful doesn't mean it just has to sit there as a piece of eye candy. Martin Ballendat's P@d lounge chair would look right at home alongside a modern living room set, while it hides a secret set of fold-out trays strong enough to support a laptop. More »

All Furniture Should Double as Optical Illusions

All very great. Charles Kalpakian's Cinétisme wall shelves are no exception, which, at first glance, appear to be nothing more than wall panels with an isometric 3D design. More »