This week was a busy week! Whether it was teleporting quantum objects, MIT students bringing Mario Kart into the physical realm, the rise of assassin bugs, or the disappearing clothes of a weather woman, there was no shortage of interesting news. Oh and don't forget about our lists of the weirdest underwater monsters and the best people to follow on Instagram. Here are our top stories of the week.

This Is Objectively the Best Prom Photo Ever

Everyone say "PROM!" Prrrrrom... CREACRACKSHRIEKSPLASHOOOF. That's pretty much what happened to a group of Wisconsin students who decided to take their prom pictures on a dock over a lake. It's the best prom picture I've ever seen. More »

Quantum Object Teleported 100 Kilometers by Chinese Scientists

Though quantum teleportation has existed for well over 10 years, it has never actually happened at a distance that would be of any use to people in the real world. But for the first time, Chinese researchers were able to teleport a quantum object nearly 100 kilometers, ramping up the real world applications for the idea. More »

9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram is now the consummate way of sharing our mundane lives-one billion of Facebook's dollars agree! But there's a vast menu of famous, beautiful, rich, and insane people out there Instagramming too. Here's the best of the best. More »

Two New Unskippable Warnings for All DVDs

Oh, those government warnings that appear at the start of every DVD and Blu-ray disc are so wonderful. Which is why we should all be extremely happy that there are going to be more, and they're going to last longer! More »

The Seven Weirdest Creatures Under the Sea

If you're looking for a good fright, forget about going to see a horror movie, or wandering through a cemetery in the middle of the night. Just flip on the National Geographic channel and find yourself a good documentary about the horrors lurking under the sea. More »

Kiddie Porn Is Now Legal in New York

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, baby! The Empire State is now the home of a whole new kind of dreamer, after a judge ruled merely looking at child pornography online is no crime. What. More »

A Weather Woman's Clothes Disappeared on Live TV

Hello Jessica Starr, weather woman of FOX Detroit, you don't seem to be wearing any clothes. In fact, you look invisible! Is this meteorologist sorcery? A camera trick? A fashion faux pas? A bit of everything actually. More »

19 Drawings That You'll Never Believe Started as Photos

Would you know that each of these 19 drawings actually started as a photograph for this week's Shooting Challenge? Because they certainly would have fooled me. More »

MIT Student Builds Awesome Working Mario Kart, Documents Process Every Step of the Way

A self-described electromechanical hobbyist and MIT student named Charles Guan is the mastermind behind the Chibikart, a motorized Mario Kart-like vehicle built from scratch. More »

Did Scientists Really Just Break the Speed of Light?

Today, you might read that scientists have developed a way to produce faster-than-light travel. But steady, there: we've been burnt once recently, so let's not let it happen again. Did scientists really manage to break the speed of light? More »

Unbelievable Assassin Bug Wears Its Victims' Corpses as Armor

Like a real-life version of the Predator-that's barely a half-inch in size-the aptly named assassin bug wears the bodies of its victims like trophy armor after liquefying and consuming their innards. Disgusting. More »