I'm a huge Netflix fan and I'm happy with how its user interface has evolved lately. The main web screen is good and now they have changed the video player to make it prettier and more useful. Here are all the changes:

The new video player sports a streamlined playback back. It's much prettier and simple, with clearly marked access to the different menus.

The new bar also gives you a new view of the frame you are jumping to while scrubbing. I think that the previous design was much better because it allowed you to see past and future frames while offering you a bigger view of the scrubbing point.


The next episode button now includes a new information box, with preview thumbnail and a description.


After a while, the pause screen will overlay information on the movie or episode you are watching.

The audio options menu has also been revamped with the new look.


Even the buffering animated icon has changed to a more elegant version.

Same with the HD option.


The series information box is very clear, with a streamlined episode menu that expands to show information episode by episode.

Now, if they could only make the iPad app search as useful as the desktop one, that would be perfect (the iPad Netflix only searches for titles, not for directors or actors. That's really bad).