There's a smorgasbord of lovely things for you to feast your eyes on this week. From chairs made from an old water tower to a wooden surf board, you'll have plenty of to enjoy in this week's most beautiful items.

What Is This?

Garth Britzman's "Pop Culture" is an environmentally green art project, comprised of 1,500 recycled plastic beverage bottles. Each bottle is filled with colored water and hangs from a string of varied length. The result is a brilliant, stained glass-looking canopy meant to call attention to our consumer "pop" culture and our global need to recycle. More »

Own a Piece of NYC's Past With a Chair Made of Old Water Towers

This chair seems to slowly shift like waves on a lake gently undulating on a quiet breezy day. It's certainly fitting—the low-lying lounger is made from reclaimed wood from a New York City water tower. More»

Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

This week, atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, artist and architect Tomas Saraceno debuted his most recent work: Cloud City. More»

Even Without Diamonds and Gold, Rolexes are Still Amazing

Rolex watches are generally known for their use of opulent materials and straightforward designs that don't exactly scream playful. But this customized Submariner, designed by the Bamford Watch Department, eschews the diamonds and gold and platinum in favor of something a little more sleek and stripped down. More»

Dominate the Waves Aboard This Gorgeous Wooden Honeycomb

Today's conventional polyurethane foam surfboards are lightweight, strong, and maneuverable. But that comes at the cost of a more jarring ride in rough seas—not to mention PU isn't exactly an environmentally-friendly material. So New Zealander Mike Grobelny is taking carving back to its roots with a CNC-milled, hollow wood board. More»

Giant Paperclips Turn Any Slab of Wood Into a Sturdy Table

Whether it's an old door, a shelf you no longer need, or maybe even a section of floorboards, anything flat and broad can become a functional sturdy table with a set of these Tick table legs. They're basically furniture-making paperclips. More»

Would You Live in a Church?

Just outside of Adelaide, Australia, there's a pedestrian-looking, bluestone church deserving of a second glance. Inside, the 1877 house of worship has been completely renovated and transformed into a thoroughly modern dwelling. It's such a unique residence that it's no surprise that it was snapped up almost immediately after it went on the market. More»