This week was a busy week! Whether it's Facebook's stock concerns, the real story of the McAfee executive on the run, Space X's Dragon Capsule making it to the ISS or a hypothetical look at how to destroy the internet, there's no shortage of exciting news. Here are our top stories of the week.

Watch Space X Dragon Make Its Historic ISS Dock Live (Updating)

For those tuning in a little late to the story, SpaceX is the first commercial company in to attempt to send a spacecraft to the station. Ever. Only the governments of four very large countries – the United States, Russia, Japan and the European Space Agency – have ever accomplished this. Since the shuttle program's retirement, NASA has relied on primarily on Russian crafts (like the Soyuz capsules) for transporting goods (not to mention astronauts) to and from the ISS. If today goes well, that could all change. More »

Behold the Meatiest Sandwich in Human History

Genghis Khan. Alexander the Great. Dagwood. Men of insatiable appetites, all. But none of them came close to creating-much less consuming-a sandwich of this magnitude. Bow, mortal, to the 35 meats, 28 pounds, and countless shuttered arteries that comprise the meatiest sandwich ever. More »

Fortune: Executives ‘Blown Away' by Apple's New Products

Fortune has a lengthy profile of Tim Cook on tap in this week's issue, compiling reports of the CEO's performance through the first 7 months and how that has affected Apple. Mostly there's nothing new; Cook is an accessible, efficient CEO who is putting his expertise in factory production to good use. But there are a few bits of interest, including murmurs of Apple's future products. More »

Meth Labs and Dead Dogs: How the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Went on the Run in Belize

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, posted this to a private message board on May 7th; his home in Belize had just been raided by local law enforcement, he'd been rousted from the bed he shared with a 17 year old woman, naked and confused, to discover Belize's Gang Suppression Unit at his gates. They shot and killed his dog, and arrested him for possessing an illegal firearm. They arrested a few of his employees too. He went on the lam. You might've heard the news reports; this is his side of the story. Buckle up. It's crazy. More »

Skinny Jeans Are Bad For Your Health

They might be a staple of the well-dressed geek's wardrobe, but skinny jeans aren't doing you any favors. In fact, they might be causing you real, physical damage. More »

How to Destroy the Internet

Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire internet? We laughed, and ultimately their words were just hacker hubris. But it got us thinking-could someone actually destroy the Internet? More »

Why the Next iPhone Won't Be 16:9

Every year it's the same stupid rumor: "the new iPhone will have a 16:9 display." It even circulated before the first iPhone came out. And it happens with the iPad too. This year isn't different. But does it make sense? Would the next iPhone really have a 16:9 screen? More »

Facebook Testing New Profile Look You Might Hate (Again!)

Plenty of people are still unwrapping their undies after the move to Facebook's super-graphical Timeline look-and now the company is ready to mix things up again. Check out what your profile might look like soon. More »

This Mind Blowing Image of the Eclipse Can't Possibly Be Real (Updated)

I refuse to believe this image of the eclipse is real, as much as I wish it were. Not that it couldn't be real. It can. I've seen plenty of photos of eclipses taken from space, but this one is just too awesome to be real. More »

Why Facebook's Tanking Today

The stock is falling! The stock is falling! If you stopped following the Facebook IPOcalypse on Friday, it might be time to pull up another chair. FB has plummeted 12 percent as of this writing, with no signs of pulling out of its nosedive. Ruh roh. More »