At long last, summer has arrived, and that means vacations, BBQs, and finding ways to ameliorate the effects of the overbearing sun. Gadgets can help! Here are some of the best from the past month.

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The Best AT&T Android Phone
You could argue that the HTC One X is better than the iPhone 4S. Yeah, you heard that! The screen is most definitely better, the rest comes down to personal preference. Also, at $200 on contract, this thing isn't as crazy expensive as some of the other top-tier Android handsets these days..

The Best Lightweight Portable Headphones
Every detail has been attended to on the Sennheiser PX 100-IIs. The headphones fold into a slim compact package. Their build is sturdy. Though the earphones are only lightly foamed, they're not the least bit irritating. The PX 100-II's deliver lovely, textured bass of the kind you'd expect from much more expensive headphones. But what's really impressive is that the PX 100-II sound full-bodied without losing a bit of detail from the music.

The Best Minimal Running Shoe

If you want to try the minimalist running experience then you should buy the Merrell Barefoot Road Glove. They are absolutely the most comfortable minimalist shoes we've ever run in. At $110 bucks, they aren't the cheapest, but they are simply terrific shoes.

The Best BBQ Grill

You don't need an expensive, complex backyard grill to cook amazing food. You want a 22.5-inch Weber One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill. It costs around $150 and will serve you well for years.

The Best Room Fan
If I wanted a fan to help keep my office or any other full-sized room cool this summer, we'd grab the $90 Vornado 660. As opposed to other dedicated floor fans, which come in either skinny tower form factors or ultra-wide industrial ones, the Vornado 660 has both a design and footprint that makes it suitable for use on a floor or a desk. More importantly, though, this fan moves some serious air.

The Best iPad Keyboard

If you have your heart set on buying a keyboard/case hybrid for your iPad, then we suggest buying the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. It's the best of all the lousy keyboard cases out there. And it's inarguably better than trying to type with Apple's crappy on-screen keyboard.


The Best AT&T Android Phone: The Samsung Galaxy S II rules the world of Android phones no longer.