We're giving you a host of lovely things to gaze upon this week. You'll be lusting after vintage cameras, a hidden coffe shop, and so much more.

If Only Digital Cameras Were as Beautiful as These Restored Vintage Rangefinders

There is so much beauty in those dusty old cameras you see at thrift stores and flea markets, but you don't buy them because they probably don't work at all. Ilott Vintage resurrects those treasures, and makes them better than ever. More

You Can't Make This Inspired Cookie Tray Crumple

Great objects are often overlooked or dismissed because of context. And here's a perfect example. More

Cordless Reading Lamp Is Powered by Its Own Moving Parts

Summer is soon approaching, as does the occasional blackout when local power grids can't keep up with power-sucking air conditioners. And the next time your home loses electricity, you can at least stay entertained by reading—even in the dark—with this lovely lamp that runs completely off the grid. More

Recycled Vinyl Records Become Bases for Beautiful Lamps

Brooklyn-based Orlando Dominguez of GIN Art & Design debuted his simple yet gorgeous lamps, whose bases are made of recycled 45 vinyl record, at the recent annual New York Design Week. More

When Astrophysics and Design Collide, the Cosmic Quilt Is All That Remains

Likely taking its inspiration from the metaphor that space-time is a gently undulating fabric, the Cosmic Quilt was on display in New York last week, slowly rippling as users passed under its glow. More

Sip Espresso In a Coffee Shop That Looks Like a Secret Fort

In the middle of a park in the north of Amsterdam is a building that looks abandoned. But actually, it's the Noorderparkbar; a quaint coffee shop built entirely from of secondhand materials. More