This proposal for the Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center, designed by IAPA Design Consultants, one of the best Australian practitioners in architectural design, is the recent winner of the excellence award in the International Architecture Design Competition.

The proposed center would include offices, commercial space, exhibition and culture spaces, and a hotel‚ÄĒa complex that would be both the vessel for culture and an element of the culture itself.

Its mille-feuille design was inspired by newspapers, or newspaper culture, and is representative of the information age.


The surrounding garden, too, is split between multiple levels, an effect that is meant to blur the boundaries between architecture and landscape.


The design of the museum area is inspired by moveable type, one of the great inventions of ancient China. Not merely an aesthetic embellishment, it is meant to serve as a historical touch stone, displaying the connection between ancient moveable type artistry and contemporary newspaper culture.