This week's best iPhone apps are giving you all kinds of gifts. You'll find a trio of cool camera apps, a note-taking app, and even more.

Loopcam : Gifs are fun, but they're meant to be shared. This app lets you animate them, then spread them all over your social networks. Free

Flickd Movies : You probably get movie recommendations all the time. But you forget those tips just as often. Flickd is an easy memory tool—you can gather a list of all the ones you want to see, create alerts when a new one drops featuring your favorite actor, and find out when these films are added to Netflix. $2.99

Stilla: This is a gyroscopic camera that stitches together your pictures into gorgeous loops. Snap photos from various angles, tap a button, and it produces beautiful sequences, held together by a crystal-like effect. $1.99

MyFaceWhen: If you'd like another option for a gif maker, this is a good one. Upload your photos or videos, animate them, and share them with whomever you please. $0.99

Index Card for iPhone: You were probably in college the last time you used a stack of index cards. But those thick rectangles of paper are still useful, albeit in digital form. This app isn't just for cramming for your bio final—it's up to you how you want to use it, and it's a good way to keep track of different categories of notes. $0.99