Android got some major love this week when some iOS apps finally launched on the platform. While you might be most excited about Instapaper, this week's best apps have plenty of things for you to enjoy.

Instapaper: First Instagram, now Instapaper—Android's getting a lot of love lately. The popular bookmarking app landed on the Google platform this week, and it looks a lot like its iOS counterpart. $2.99

Viewdini: What do you want to watch tonight? With this app, you can search across every single platform to see what's playing. It looks in Hulu, Netflix, and many other sources, and streams video within Viewdini. Free

Nymgo : Need a Skype alternative? Or are you frequently making calls to Singapore, or some other far-off locale? This is an Intel-backed VoIP service that offers low-cost, high-quality calls from your Android device. Free

Euro 2012 Guide: If you're planning to spend the next month or so watching soccer, you'll want to be prepared. This guide has you covered, offering schedules, game info, and player lists. And it will continue to update as the tournament progresses. Free

WhosHere: This app's kind of creepy. But if you're into that kind of thing, it will connect you to chat and text with people that you have things in common with in your area. The Android version just launched this week. Free